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Are the 10 commandments still relevant today?

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Are the 10 Commandments still relevant and important to society, 3000 years later? In this essay I am going to working my way though the 10 commandments, trying to get a equal perspective on there significance to today's society; then I shall make up my own mind. The first commandment says "I am the Lord thy God", which translates as "put god first in your life." To believers this rule is very important even 3000 years later. Its called the Christian Faith because you have to have faith. If you believe in God you should want to put him first and follow Jesus because he is the Son of God and because what he did on the cross. If you had the choice between going to church on a Sunday and going out, they should want to go to church because its what Jesus did. God should be your main priority, so that means in your school, work, friends, money ect you should try and make God involved and they should revolve around God. A non-Christian might think there is no God so why put him first. Most people don't believe in God because they can't see him. ...read more.


God wants us to have good relationships because they tend to improve our lives, if we can have good relationships it builds on the relationships we have with him. The sixth commandment says "thou shall not murder", this means don't take anyone else's life. This law is so relevant to society because once it was given to Moses, people started to take it seriously. The first six of the Ten Commandments where a starting base for the laws we have today. This is the 2nd worse crime I think you can commit and if someone does kill someone they are hated. The society also thinks it wrong and 3000 years later it stuck. It doesn't mean people don't do it though, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree in Garden of Eden they sinned, from then on no one could be perfect, people are always going to do wrong its just how we are made, the point is its your choice to do it and its is obviously important to society because otherwise they would have the punishment of life in prison for it. As a Christian I believe that is very wrong to kill someone out of Gods creation. ...read more.


I do try and believe in the 10 commandments like not saying "Oh my God" or killing anyone. Whether they are relevant to Society is a different story, the last 6 are definitely they are all of morals that the law has been based on, so they are relevant to society because people try and stick to them and the justice system is based on it. The first four are not really relevant to anyone except Christians, they base their whole lives on these rules, because they believe in God, if you don't then its very irrelevant. Overall I think the ten commandments are relevant to those who choose to believe in them, but at the end of the day no one can force you so its individually a desion everyone ahs to make. I think that it was a good thing that they were sent to us because even if they don't that the religion side to it, the rules that have been used for the law and our for our well being saves us from getting hurt and hatred ect. In my personal opinion everyone of those laws is still relevant because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. ...read more.

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