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"Assess the view that abortion cannot be justified"

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"Assess the view that abortion cannot be justified" Abortion is the name for a situation in which a pregnancy is terminated before the term has been completed, thus the foetus is terminated whilst it is still inside its mother's womb. There are two different types of abortion they are natural abortion, this is otherwise known as a miscarriage, and a miscarriage is when a foetus is expelled from the uterus spontaneously. The second type of abortion is procured abortion; this is when the termination of the foetus occurs with outside help. Abortion has been legal in Great Britain since 1967: the 1967 Act states that an abortion can occur if two doctors agree that: the mother's life is at risk; there is a risk of injury to the mother's physical or mental health; there is a risk that another child would be put at risk and there is a substantial risk that the baby might be born seriously handicapped. Abortion is a contentious issue which has always existed but now as time has advanced it has become a major factor in everyday life as there are new scientific elements that can also prevent pregnancy. ...read more.


Pro-Choice supporter believe that there is an inadequacy of a sharp boundary in which we realise that the foetus is alive. They believe that to exclaim that there are sharp boundaries to state when abortions take place is arbitrary because a person is a loose concept and that the transition from a fertilized egg to a child can be better represented by a fairly steady upward curve rather than separate stages with abrupt transitions. They believe that life is as uncertain as death as we do not know exactly when we are born and when exactly we will die. There are many views on when life begins. One view is that life begins at conception, this means that life begins as soon as the male sperm and female ovum combine. Another view is that life begins at some definite point during pregnancy. Thomas Aquinas, a medieval philosopher, argued that a foetus became a human when a soul was implanted this process is called ensoulment, some people believe ensoulment is when the mother feels the baby move for the first time in her womb. ...read more.


A child is seen to be the bearer of rights and as the parents have consented to sexual intercourse they should not bring and end to its life, the argument still rages that there is an arbitrary start to life. Each child deserves the right to have a life, even if the child is unwanted there are many families who want children but are unable to conceive themselves. Abortion is not a clean-cut subject as there are many factors that are concerned in this issue. An emotive quandary would be any case of a woman being raped: should she be forced to have the child or is it her decision as it is her body thus as the Pro-Choice supporters state her body is her property? Both of the views of each group can be criticized as in the Pro-Choice argument a child cannot be associated with a house or a material possession as a child deserves its personhood. The Pro-Choice view is not emotive enough as you treat material possessions the same as a child. Both of these arguments generate highly emotive feelings but in my view there is no right or wrong as it all depends on a person's situation. ...read more.

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