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Attitude to Abortion - Christian Churches

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Explain carefully Christian teaching in the area of abortion and the challenges it presents? The beliefs of all the Christian church about abortion focus along the lines of the 5th commandment "thou shall not kill." This commandment is very clear and it helps us to understand what all the Christian churches believe that all human life is sacred and no other human being is should deny anyone else the basic human right of life, from the moment of conception. In the Old Testament there is a book, called the book of Psalms, which are ancient prayers and give us an understanding of who we are in the eyes of god. Psalm 139 strongly suggests that we are recognised by god as existing before we come to be born. "You created every part of me; you put me in my mothers Womb...............you knew I was there - you saw me before I was born." ...read more.


(from the leaflet on abortion) However there are some mixed opinions in the Christian churches when it comes to extremely rare cases. These mixed opinions are seen when the Catholic Church accepts that in rare cases, certain measures aimed at solely curing medical conditions in an expectant mother may cause the death of the unborn child. The Catholic Church sees this type of abortion as an unavoidable and unintentional tragic event and continuously makes the point that "direct and intentional killing of an innocent human being is gravely immoral and abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes." (From gaudium et specs 51.3) The Presbyterian Churches view of abortion is slightly different to that of the Catholic Church. Most Presbyterians believe that under no circumstances should a foetus be intentionally terminated no matter how rare the case is. The Presbyterian Church abides very closely to the commandment "thou shall not kill" and will make no exceptions to this law. ...read more.


This can be very challenging when a person's life situation may have many complications. For young people in particular there are social pressures and challenges when they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. They may feel that people will judge them; and it may cause strain between them and their own parents. Schooling and career prospects could be affected dramatically by the pregnancy. The challenge to the Christian Church is to help the young person to make a mature decision regardless of social pressure. The Christian Churches bottom line is that abortion is a form of killing and no one has the right to take another person's life. This is the ultimate challenge to anyone considering abortion In general we can say that all the Christian denominations are against abortion and all agree with the United Nations declaration that "the child, by reason of its physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection before and after birth." ...read more.

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