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Autobiographical writing.

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Kelly Price Autobiographical writing Two years ago, mid-November some life changing news came my way. It was an ordinary day and I was watching television with my mum. " I've got a secret but you can't tell anyone" my mum said out of the middle of nowhere. I was puzzled because no one ever kept secrets from each other in my family, we had had always been close and shared any kind of news. My mum told me that my sister, Rebecca, was pregnant. I was so shocked; billions of questions were running through my mind. How many months was it until the baby would be born? ...read more.


My sister went to hospital but nothing happened, although we were still on the telephone to her every five minutes! A whole day passed and still no baby was in sight. At 3pm on the 19th June me and my mum received a telephone call from the hospital; the midwives had to break her waters for her so the baby's birth would become quicker this meant she wouldn't have to have a caesarean. We rushed into hospital although we did not know how much longer it would be until the baby was born. I waited with anticipation in the guest room while my mum was in the maternity ward with my sister. ...read more.


My mum and I had to wait half an hour before we could see the baby because they needed to check everything was in order. When I first saw the baby my heart melted; he was my baby nephew! My sister named him Rhys Dylan. Rhys seemed so small; he had pitch-black hair and brown eyes that looked like chocolate buttons, just like his mum. He had wrinkled skin like an old man and his cry sounded like a baby animal wailing for its mother! When I held him I fell in love with him; he was so cute and adorable! At that moment I knew that no matter what obstacle came my way I would be the best aunty in the whole world! ...read more.

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