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"Baptising babies in pointless" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

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"Baptising babies in pointless" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view. I strongly disagree with the statement "Baptising babies is pointless". I believe baptising babies is a very important practice in many Christian countries. From the days of the early church children have been baptised so I do not see it to be pointless. However I can see the other side of the argument, as babies cannot make their own decisions. Many parents wish for their child to be baptised as a baby and believe that when the child comes of age he\she can decide whether or not to follow the Christian life in which they have been brought up in. These parents believe that by baptising their children they are giving then the best possible start to life by bringing them up in a family surrounded by Christians. Baptism brings the child closer to God and it cleanses them of original sin. Many parents see baptism as one of the best things they can do for their child. ...read more.


So infant baptism has been practiced in churches for many centuries and been very successful so why change something, which has proven to be successful. Infant baptism is still widely practiced today which shows that the majority of people do not see it as pointless. Baptism is a public sign of the child's entry into God's family and it enables the whole family and friends to take responsibility. Many people believe that the sooner this happens the better. Also God's grace given in baptism is a real comfort to the parents of a sick child. Parents want their child to be freed from all sin and be united with God. Infant baptism entitles the child to receive the other sacraments so even if the parents of the child don't practice the faith they are still a member of the church and the child will be taught the faith and prepared for other sacraments in school. Jesus always welcomed children and blessed them rebuking those who wanted to keep them at a distance. ...read more.


Baptism is a ceremony of commitment and it is seen a completely meaningless ceremony by some Christians unless the candidate understands fully what is happening and has full belief in God and of course babies do not understand any of this. So overall after considering both sides of the argument I disagree with the statement "baptising babies is pointless" I believe the reasons for infant baptism far outweigh the ones against it. However I do believe the parents have a huge responsibility and they should act as they have promised to. Also my baptism took place when I was a baby and I see it as the best way because I have been brought up as a Christian with my parents teaching me the Christian faith and teaching me to go to church and to receive the other sacraments which makes me a member of Christ's community. To me I would have it no other way but to baptise babies because I feel strongly that it does help to start of your Christian life within the church and God's community. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE RE Coursework Baptism ...read more.

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