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Baptism is a ceremony by which a person is made a member of the church.

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Ian Chaffey 11DH/11H 11th April 2001 Baptism Coursework Baptism is a ceremony by which a person is made a member of the church. People are baptised in most denominations with the exception of the Salvation Army and Quakers. Baptism is: * The sign of new life in Jesus-anyone who is baptized is said to be born again, * The washing away of sins, * The means of uniting the person baptized with other Christians and members of the church, * The means of sharing the death and resurrection of Jesus * And the sharing of life with God. All Christians who agree to be baptized have to agree that there are two important features in baptism, they are: What God does is important. He forgives the sins of those who are baptized. He receives them into his family, as his children. They are 'born again': that means they have new spiritual life because Jesus died and rose again to save them. This life continues after death. Those baptized must repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. ...read more.


Parents and godparents, the children whom you have brought to baptism depend chiefly on you for the help and encouragement they need. Are you willing to give it to them by prayers, by your example and your teaching? Answer: I am willing. A little later parents and godparents state their belief in the Christian faith. They answer the questions put to them by the priest: Priest: Those who bring children to be baptized must affirm their allegiance to Christ an their rejection of all that is evil. It is your duty to bring up these children to fight against evil and to follow Christ. Therefore I ask these questions which you must answer for yourselves and for these children. Do you turn to Christ? Answer: I turn to Christ Priest: Do you repent of your sins? Answer: I repent of my sins Priest: Do you renounce evil? Answer: I renounce evil Priest: Do you believe and trust in God the Father, who made the world? Answer: I believe and trust in him Priest: Do you believe and trust in his Son Jesus Christ, who redeemed mankind? ...read more.


The minister then says, 'I baptize thee in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.' The minister ducks the candidate fully under the water. This is known as total immersion. The candidate must be old enough to choose for himself/herself to believe in Jesus, usually at least twelve years old. He/she tells the public what he/she believes and why he/she wishes to become a Christian. This is called his/her testimony. I don't think you have to be baptized to be a Christian. Being a Christian is about loving and worshiping God, not about making a public declaration of your faith. There are some Christian denominations that don't believe in being baptized, but are accepted as being Christians, such as the Salvation Army and Quakers, so there isn't any reason why other denominations should not accept people who do not wish to be baptized as a Christian. Some people might say that if you don't make a public announcement saying that you want to give your life to the lord and agree to the promises of the church then you are not a Christian but I think that if you love the lord and agree in your heart that you want to become a Christian then that is good enough. ...read more.

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