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"Being a disciple of Jesus must have a good effect on a person's life" Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have considered different points of view.

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AO3: "Being a disciple of Jesus must have a good effect on a person's life" Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have considered different points of view. Depending on who you are and where you come from, "good effect" can have a number of meanings. Some people can say that a "good effect" is taking heed of God's message to love one another, and showing kindness in little ways, or a "good effect" can mean deciding to give up your life to devote it to poor people or the sick, or by becoming a priest. However "good effect" can mean deciding to change your life from sinful ways, like drinking too much, taking drugs, or being a child abuser, and following God, and repenting for what you have done. Also, some people think that being rich and famous, and having lots of possessions is "good," or simply being thankful for having your family near you. ...read more.


Through her self sacrifice of a rich and comfortable life, many poor people were helped and she really made a huge difference to so many lives. Martin Luther King is another key example of Jesus' good influence. At the age of six he was told he could no longer play with his friends because they were white and he was black. In 1941, a pregnant woman called Rosa Parkes, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. This began his 13 year fight against racism and segregation. Although he was martyred for what he believed in, he stood up for what was right through the influence of God. Alternately, being a follower of Jesus makes some people think that they have the right to do whatever they like without getting punished for it. ...read more.


He wrote in to say that he "cant see the point of going to confession because he just goes home and commits the same sins again." Following Jesus has not had a good effect because the man is not learning from what he has done wrong. However some people can say that the man may not be a devout catholic, he may just have been baptised into the faith by his parents, and therefore he shouldn't have to learn from his mistakes, or from confession. Overall it appears that following Jesus does have a good effect on people's lives. Those who do good work in Jesus' name are promoting how good being a disciple can be. Jesus is a role model for their behaviour. However, many Christians are still persecuted, and some people feel that even though they are Christians, they can use their religion as and excuse for things, make themselves "above the law" and abuse their trust in God. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amie Derricott Miss MacAteer Candidate number: 0231 Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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