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Believers Baptism

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Believers Baptism Believers Baptism is when a non-liturgical candidate accepts Jesus as his or her saviour and witnesses this to his or her local Church Congregation and then receives the spiritual benefits of Believers Baptism. This type of baptismal service is strictly for adults, or teenagers but nobody under the age of eleven or twelve. In a type of Free Church (where believers' baptism takes place) there is no infant baptism, however; babies may be dedicated but never baptised. In this dedication the child is blessed and people give thanks for his or her birth. The reason for this in the Free Churches was that infants were not able to understand the symbolism of Christianity whereas adults realised the spiritual journey they were about to go on and were able to agree with certain Christian beliefs and accept Jesus as their saviour. ...read more.


The denominations that use Believers Baptism are most Free or Evangelical churches, where there is no set book or set services to go by. Some examples of this type of church are Baptist churches, Pentecostal churches and Gospel Halls. As the ceremony is an act of witness, the service tends to be at the end of a Sunday Evening family (congregational) service. One would know that a Believers Baptism service is about to be performed as the Elder would introduce this part of the service and there would probably be a Bible reading. The bible reading would be of Jesus' Baptism when he came up out of the water and is given the Holy Spirit or the reading will be on the day of Pentecost - when the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples after Jesus' death. ...read more.


"Do you take Jesus as your saviour", "yes". "Do you promise to serve him faithfully", "yes". After the answers, the person leading the service would then say something along the lines of; "I gladly baptise you in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit." The candidate is then eased backwards completely underwater and brought up about one second after full immersion under the water. If a testimony is given, the candidate would be escorted into the pool without questions. Only if no testimony was given, would the leader lead the candidate to the pool and ask the above questions. Some Churches believe that the Holy Spirit is given when asking Jesus to be his/her saviour, other Churches believe that the Holy Spirit is given after immersion or with the laying of hands. The candidate is now a born again Christian. ...read more.

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