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Belivers Baptism

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BAPTISM In believers' baptism the person being baptised is usually in his teen years or older. This is so he is old enough to be confident that he really has put his faith in Christ. There is a large tank at the front of the church full of water which he and the pastor enter. He would wear a white shirt normally to show that he is clean of sin and has turned to the Lord. He is asked some questions by the pastor to openly confirm that he is now a witness for Jesus. In some churches before his immersion the congregation sometimes sing a hymn followed by the pastor saying a prayer. Then the person is immersed. His whole body is put under the water and then lifted up out of the water. This is to signify that he has died to a life of sin and is now resurrected in a life for Jesus. ...read more.


Baptism is supposed to be a sign that you have turned from your sin and are now walking the right road with Jesus as your saviour. It makes no sense to be baptised as a baby as you do not actually know what is going on and it's all your parents' choice. Some people use the words of Jesus in Mark; 10; 15, "I assure you that whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall never enter it" as an argument for infant baptism. I do not think Jesus meant that you should baptise your child before they actually even know where, who or even what they are. He simply meant you should receive Him into your heart humbly and without knowledge or pride. In Acts Peter told the people that they should turn from their sin and THEN be baptised to show that they are now living for Christ. ...read more.


to bring him up in a Christian environment may have given up on it after the child is old enough to talk back and give cheek. Though if they have kept their vows, confirmation is an option later for the child to make his decision. This happens in Church of Ireland and in the Roman Catholic churches. I believe strongly in believers' baptism not only because that's the way we do it in my church but also Jesus was baptised as a grown man. Not because he wanted to confess he was a follower of Christ (himself) and had turned away from sin (he never had any) but because he wanted to make an example for us. He easily could have been baptised as a baby by Mary and Joseph if it was God's will but he chose to be baptised as a grown man and 3000 other men were baptised at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was first offered to Christians. Ian Atkinson 11A ...read more.

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