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Buddhists are interested in the truth about the way things are. The law of life is what the Buddha discovered at his enlightenment and what he then taught to others.

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Reflection on Buddhism HRT3M1 Larissa Balicki Mr. Nadon Oct. 23'03 "See everything around you as nirvana. See all beings as the Buddha. Hear all sounds as mantras." Buddhists are interested in the truth about the way things are. The law of life is what the Buddha discovered at his enlightenment and what he then taught to others. The Buddha taught that suffering is overcome by following a path to 'Nirvana', the unchanging state that is reached by all enlightened beings. They believe that it represents the true nature of reality. Nirvana is the ultimate state of pure being, so for Buddhists there is no belief in or worship of a personal creator God. To reach Nirvana involves the development of morality, meditation and wisdom. ...read more.


Buddhists believe that a person is in reality a chain of life, a "continuity of constant becoming that carries on beyond physical death". It is believed that the dead are reborn according to their 'Karma'. People are reborn into one of the realms of existence, including heaven or hell. In the end, all beings will go to the "deathless" state of being or 'Nirvana'. To hear all sounds as 'Mantras' could mean that you understand truth and are in touch with or communicate with everything around you on your journey to Nirvana. Chanting songs and reciting scripture to help daily meditation is important for the Buddhist's way of life. Monks are always chanting passages of scripture as part of their daily worship and respect for the Buddha and to help them keep an unclouded holy lifestyle. ...read more.


This is worship, which is the path to finding faith in Christ. To see everything as 'Nirvana' would be like a Christian that is always filled with the joy of Christ's light. "I am the light of the world; anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark but have the light of life." Enlightenment to Jesus Christ's gift to us, salvation and everlasting life, is central to Christianity. Christian believers are given the strength to rise above suffering and the unpleasant things that trouble human existence because of their faith and hope that is associated with life after death. It is key for all Christians to believe that their 'good works' will be rewarded with the promise of everlasting life. Faith Hope Love and Charity will help them achieve this goal. ...read more.

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