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Choose two different denominations. Select and explain the main features of their places of worship and compare and contrast the ways in which these features are used in worship

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Religious Education Coursework q Skill Area 1:Choose two different denominations. Select and explain the main features of their places of worship and compare and contrast the ways in which these features are used in worship. (400 = 600 words) For the purpose of my coursework I will be distinguishing the difference between the Catholic Church and 'The Society of Friends' Meeting House. When you enter a Catholic Church holy water is at the entrance for the congregation to sign themselves with the sign on the cross. The Catholic Church uses a lot of symbolism and is centred around the seven sacraments and especially on the Eucharist. The Eucharist is 'prepared' on the altar, which gives the distinct impression of sacrifice; the Priest also kisses the altar. In addition to this the altar is also where transubstantiation takes place, this is one of the main beliefs of a member of a Roman Catholic Church, which is where the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The Mass of the Eucharist sees the literal carrying out of Our Lord's wishes, "...Do this in memory of me." It is also important for Catholics as they believe they have a close encounter with God through the Eucharist. ...read more.


This meeting house even has no cross, and certainly no crucifix. These people sit on seats, as they do not kneel down. The congregation are arranged into a circle or a square, so that each person is aware of everyone else, yet no person appears raised above another. Another representation of equality in their religion is that there is no ordained priest, just a person who presides over the people. Their worship comes under the heading of 'waiting on the spirit worship'. There is a framework for their worship but emphasis is in the spontaneity, which is inspired by the spirit. q Skill Area 2: Explain why the worship you have described is important for Christians. In your answer, you should explain the reasons for the differences between the denominations you have highlighted? (350-525 words) The name 'Quakers' was a term of mockery originally describe the way they shook when moved by the Spirit. They believed that Our Lord meant what he said when he said that the Spirit would tell people what to say. A contrast to this is the Catholic Liturgy, in which prayers are used as formula's not giving much of room for invention. ...read more.


literally. But it is important to Christians as their church is the 'House of God' that it should be elaborately to celebrate God. The furnishings and representation of the style should show Christ to be present and active in this place of worship. Also on this side of the matter might be that in real life we make things look attractive for those who we welcome. A local place of worship can also be the centre of a community. This issue can be taken as a biblical question or as a issue of preserving historical buildings. Some churches may be preserved or protected by the government or an organisation such as the 'National Trust', as the place of worship may be of some historical importance. Some Catholics may argue charities such as C.A.F.O.D (Catholic Aid for Overseas Development) is undertaking the task of alleviating poverty in less economically developed countries, and so developing or restoring an old venue of worship is using their resources, not ceasing the aid work overseas. The other angle that people might be taking might be that we ought to be able to manage both alleviating poverty and restoring semi- derelict places of worship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Crane 10 Allen Fr Brandford ...read more.

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