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Christians all have the same basic beliefs - there is one God and they all believe in Jesus and his teachings

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Another point that supports the argument is that Christians all have the same basic beliefs, that there is one God and they all believe in Jesus and his teachings, and they only argue on the way of worshiping him if the different dominations were to come together they would find out they have more things in common than they don't, as this is a known fact it shows the unity in the different church groups. Part of being and living as a Christian, is loving others and therefore means that the churches should join to should their love for one another. Strong reasons way Christians should come together are when Jesus prayed to God asking him to keep his followers united it proved that Jesus /God wanted the church to be united and his decision should come first above all arguments that say the differences are too great to overcome. An additional strong reason that the church should unite is that if they were it would mean the message of God would be stronger as no other Christian group could contradict what another group says, this would result in the message being spread and more people would become Christians. ...read more.


Breaking standard, in 1961 he permitted Roman Catholic observers officially to attend the third assembly of the World Council of Churches, which was previously not allowed. Other changes were made some of which I have mentioned in section A-the Roman Catholic Church. These movements are aiming to unite the churches and so far are doing so successfully. Although there are reasons to unite there are also other reasons not to, I am now going to evaluate why the churches should not unite. Sacraments could be a cause of concern when considering a united church as Catholics have seven and most other denominations have only 2 or 3 and Salvationist have none, as they believe they aren't needed for salvation .all arguments that say the differences are too great to overcome. Some Churches have different practices e.g. Baptist don't believe infants become a Christians at infant baptism and therefore don't have the service but replace it with a dedication service which just shows the child has joined the community of the church, to get baptised as a Christian they believe you have to be at the age of understanding. ...read more.


I agree with the statement because I think that churches and denominations that believe in one God shouldn't separate themselves, as they share one thing that is close to all their hearts and that is God, it doesn't matter how they show their love for God it is fact its there, is all that matters and they should recognise this in other Christian groups and respect their way of praising God and adapt their way of praising so that every Christian church agrees with it. If a group of people who believe in the same thing cannot join together then the world will always be at war. In the bible it says 'love thy neighbor' if Christians can't even follow a commandment given to them by God then is no hope. As all Christians believe they are children of God and they are at war with one another this then means they are at war with their brothers and sister, and therefore God. Which would be going against the one they worshipped which would be wrong. Therefore making it clear that Christians should unite for their own sake. 1 Encarta'95 Microsoft ...read more.

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