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Christians and Persecution

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Ed Excel Religious Studies Specification A Coursework 1 Mark's Gospel, Unit P Christians and Persecution a)i) Describe the persecution of Christians in Rome by Nero In the year 64 A.D. in the city of Rome, the centre of the Roman Empire, there was a huge fire which wiped out most of the city. A rumour started to circulate that the Roman Emperor, Nero, had started the fire as it was well known that Nero thought that much of the city was ugly. It was thought he burned it down so he could re-design and rebuild it himself. Because of this he needed to find someone to blame it on. The Christians were an obvious choice as they were not well like by the roman people. This was mainly because of a number of misunderstandings. The Roman people thought that Christians were cannibals because they 'ate' the body and blood of Christ at mass. Christians also called each other brother and sister even when they were married. This was not liked by Roman people. The Christians held mass underground in catacombs or tombs. Nero was very cruel and he killed and tortured the Christians in the most horrific of ways. ...read more.


The example of Jesus, who suffered greatly at the end of his life, gives Christians of today hope. In the gospels we see Jesus' humanity, we see him as a normal human rather than the Son of God. There are two parts of the gospel where we see this the most. First in the garden of Gethsemane, wee see Jesus as a man who is afraid of death just like any other person, we see him ask God to take away his suffering and not to let him die. This shows how any other Christian facing death suffered the same as Jesus. This shows that if Jesus could get through the suffering because of his faith and this helps Christians in there worst suffering. Jesus came in to conflict with authority many times throughout his life. When he came into conflict with the Pharisees in a synagogue, shortly before the Pharisees started to plot Jesus' death, the Pharisees accused him of breaking the law of the Jewish Sabbath. A man came to Jesus with a shrivelled hand and asked Jesus to heal him. If he healed the man then the Pharisees would accuse him of working on the Sabbath which was against the Jewish Law. ...read more.


Archbishop Oscar Romeo of El Salvador was assassinated while celebrating the Eucharist. He spoke out for the people who had no voice, the poorest of the poor. He spoke out against the regime that kept the poor, poor and used violence to stay in control. Both of these men did as Jesus said in Mark 834, they took up his cross and were willing to die. Some people may agree with the statement because ordinary Christians of today, in countries such as England or America, do not suffer as the Christians of the age of Nero. They do not suffer persecution for they're beliefs. They do not have to give up all of their possession and money to be a Christian as nuns or monks do. Today it is considered by many that all that you have to do to be a Christian is to follow the most important commandment of them all-'Love thy neighbour and thy God.' Many people are not prepared to suffer and die for their Christians beliefs. All people, Christian or not, have to suffer the death of loved ones, so Christians of today do have to suffer just as Jesus did. 1 ...read more.

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