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"Christians should not take part in sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday"

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R.E Coursework Question 2 "Christians should not take part in sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday" I slightly agree but partly disagree also with this statement. Because God has stated to everyone that the seventh day of the week (or Sabbath day) should be kept holy and dedicated to him, It was also written in the Bible, that God exclaimed "On that day no one is to work neither you, your children, your slaves, your animals, nor foreigners who live in your country" Exodus 20:10. I think that sport has decreased its value for recreation and increased its value for money for instance, the majority of people who play sport now only play it for an obscene amount of money they receive for doing so, not their love for the sport. ...read more.


Some may argue that it is disrespectful to God if you were to work on a Sunday, but they should have considered these facts before they took up the job. I believe that shopping on a Sunday is a breach of God's rules because it is definitely a form of work, and therefore it should not occur. However, if it is extremely necessary, then it may not be a total breach, as it is to help satisfy a natural crave or hunger. A good example of this is when Jesus and his disciples where in a corn field on the way to a synagogue in Capernaum. They were extremely hungry, so they began to pick corn and eat it. ...read more.


It would therefore seem inconsiderate as the most convenient day for most people to shop is on Sunday there is therefore a high demand for shops to be opened on this day causing others to have to open their shops and work. In my opinion the Christian Sabbath; Sunday should be observed and kept holy as God told us, but it should not get to the stage where our actions are extremely limited so that we cannot enjoy ourselves. I think that as long as you attend mass and set some time apart for God then it is acceptable. If we exaggerate our rules, they will become spoilt and will become a mockery of our beliefs. Sporting and Shopping is usually a time you spend with your friends and family, it should be savoured not corrupted. ...read more.

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