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Death and the after life - a christian perspective

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3/10/04 death and the after life A) Q:describe the teachings and beliefs of Christianity about death and what might happen afterwards?40% A:Every religion and the different denominations within these religions have there own views and beliefs on the subject of death and the after life. each view on death and the after life is different from the other though one thing that all religions and there denominations have in common is that there is an all powerful being namely god waiting for them when they die. In Christianity sin started when Adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit that God forbid them to eat.This event led to the creation of hell where all those that have sinned in there life will go.Heaven and purgatory were also created so all that where good in there previous lives could go to heaven so they would be eternally happy.Heaven is explained as the opposite of hell , a perfect world were no one can sin and everything is right where as hell is explained in gospel of mark as the worst place you can imagine and is a place of eternal torment with fire and worms for those who are insensitive to needs of others.purgatory was created so people that have sinned could wait until they could be judged to see if they would ...read more.


every denomination have different views on what happens to the soul after death.evangelical belief that your soul waits for god to end the world where other denomination believe your soul is immediately judged by God.there are different descriptions of the soul like the Mediaeval Christian theologians who often thought that your soul had thought,imagination and faith And that it lived on in an erternal place.some people believe your soul to be the essence of you body. In conclusion there are many views on what happens after death to your body,mind and soul,but no one can be certain about what will happen to you or any one else and that we will just have to wait until death to see if any thing really does await us or if that will be the end for us. B) Q:explain how a particular belief in an afterlife may affect the way in which followers of Christianity may live their lives? A:all religions have different beliefs about what happens after death and how the affects of what they do when they are alive will affect them when they are dead. The three main theorys on what happens when we die are that your body rots in the ground,you are reborn or that you go to heave. ...read more.


people have a wide selection of beliefs about what happens when you die.In hinduism they believe when you die that you are reancarnated in to another animal or being and that your next life shall depend on how you acted in your previous life.Even people that do not believe in religion still have there own beliefs of what they think will happen when they die.The most likely belief of what happens to you when you die an agnostic would say is that you just rot in the ground unless you are cramated and that is the end and nothing else will ever happen to you after that. I think that you should only enjoy life and forget about what happens when you die if you are agnostick and do not believe in any religion because then if there is an aftrer life it is your fault for not believing in one and if you end up in hell it is through your own fault and nobbody elses.if you do believe in some religion than i think that you shouldnt change your beliefs and that you should enjoy your life but keeping within the laws of your religion because then if there ever is an after life than you have enjoyed your previous life and you will also get a good after life. ...read more.

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