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Describe A Christian Marriage Service

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Describe A Christian Marriage Service Marriage is fundamentally where a heterosexual couple commit to each other to share the rest of there lives together "death do us part" However before such an momentous occasion happens their is much planning and preparation to be done. Firstly the men will traditionally ask the future wife's father about the possibility about marrying his daughter. If this wish is accepted then the man will progress to ask the woman to marry. If she agrees he will give her an engagement ring to symbolise their betrothed to each other. An engagement can last as long or short depending on the circumstances. For example money needs to be saved for property to move into after marrying. ...read more.


After the ceremony there usually is a party, which also needs to be organised. The couple need to choose bridesmaids, best man (whom is responsible for the rings) maid of honour who looks after the bridesmaid and the Paige boys. The brides dress is predominantly white to resemble purity of a virgin. The groom habitually wears a black suit to look smart. However nowadays it matters very little what is worn but people tend to keep to the traditional dress code. With the wedding looming there is at least 1 dress rehearsal, which involves the people whom are concerned such as the bride & groom, bridesmaids, best man ect. On the evening before the wedding the men have what is called a "stag night" and women have a "hen night" to celebrate their last night of freedom. ...read more.


The priest stands at one end of the church where he is joined by the groom and best man. Once the bride arrives her father walks her to the altar followed by the maid of honour and the bridesmaid to a song played on the organ that is chosen at the meeting between the couple and the priest. The father then leaves his daughter who joins her soon to be husband in front of the priest. The priest then reads out the vows. He will then ask if "anybody knows any reason why this couple cannot get married" if people hold their silence then the wedding goes ahead but if there is a legal reason why they cant then the wedding is suspended. Once the wedding is finished the married couple must sign a document saying they are married. Once the ceremony is finished everyone exits the church andgoes to the planned party. By Owen Taylor ...read more.

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