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Describe analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programmes on the terrestrial TV Channels

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Write an assignment of no more than 1500 words on religion and the media Describe analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programmes on the terrestrial TV Channels There are two types of Religious programmes that are commonly seen on terrestrial television. Programmes like 'Songs of Praise' and Faith and Music' are the type which are aired every Sunday which allow people to see religious services and join in on communal worship if they are unable to go to church or for any other reason. There are many other programmes like these, such as 'The Beginner's Bible' and 'Sunday Prayers' but they are not of the same popularity as the aforementioned. The other type of Religious programme, like 'Testing God', are those which analyse various religious questions, such as the need for Religion and Belief in God in modern society, and discuss issues which concern Christians and their beliefs. ...read more.


A character called Arianna was going to have a child but was considering having an abortion. The programme looked at the issue from several different perspectives. That of a medical perspective, an economic perspective, that she had no husband and that she did not want to destroy human life. From the medical perspective the show looked at how having the operation for an abortion could have been damaging to her health and that she may not have actually survived the operation. The programme made this one of the most important factors about whether or not she should have the operation. After having been told that she would not survive it she immediately decided that she would keep the baby. Arianna was also worried that she would not be able to afford bringing up the child. She was young and did not have a real job. This was seen as a major factor in the decision but eventually was resolved as one of her friends said the he would help to bring up the child. ...read more.


It came to the conclusion that in killing the embryo you are killing a human. Though even when it addressed this issue it looked more at the fact that she would be destroying her child instead of looking at the issue of whether abortion is murder or humane and sensible. The programme preferred to look at more simple issues such as whether she could afford the child and that the operation could harm her. This shows us that the public are not really interested in hearing about the religious issues and regard them as old fashioned, having the religious views coming from and old woman and not even discussing whether abortion is compassionate or not. It shows us that the public are more interested in health and safety issues and the fact that poverty is a problem rather than taking a serious look into the religious pros and cons of abortion itself. Describe how a moral issue of concern has been dealt with in either a TV drama or Film "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world" ...read more.

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