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Describe and explain the important features of a Mosque.

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Describe and explain the important features of a Mosque. The Mosque or also known as a Masjid in Arabic plays a big part in the way of life in the Muslim culture. We know this because this is a place of worship and a place where Muslims can meet, celebrate and more importantly pray. Muhammad said: "Where ever the time of prayer overtakes you, pray; this place is a Mosque." The most important features of a Mosque are various. Most Mosques have at least one Minaret. The Minaret is a tall tower which is quite narrow. This is where the Muezzin calls them to prayer 5 times a day. This is important as it reminds them to come to prayer. ...read more.


They pray on prayer mats so they are clean. Also men and women sit separately so they don't get distracted. This could ruin the holiness of your thoughts and your prayers to Allah. The prayer sequence is known as Ra'kah. Before you do pray you perform a sequence in which you clean all parts of your body. This is called Wudu or Wuzu in Arabic. There fore there is a wash room within the Mosque so you can perform the ritual. This is so you are clean physically and it gets you in the right frame of mood. Also so the mosque stays clean they also take off their shoes on entry and put them on a shoe rack. ...read more.


Here there are some steps where he reads the sermon. The Imam is very important to Muslims as he promotes Umah and is also a very educated person who can fluently read and write Arabic. This is because they have studied the Quran thoroughly and the Hadiths. This is so he can lead Muslims through prayer and can provide help for the community. In a mosque another important feature is the dome in the ceiling. This does not only make the Imam's voice sound louder as he leads the congregation. It also represents the universe and symbolises that Allah is everywhere. The Madrassah is the school in the Mosque. This is so that children and adults can learn about the Quran and to speak Arabic. Also it promotes Ummah and it helps Muslims get closer to Allah. This is because the Quran is in Arabic and it's the true meaning of Allah's words. ...read more.

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