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Describe Christian Teachings which may beused in a discussion about abortion.

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Describe Christian Teachings which may be used in a discussion about abortion. Abortion or the termination of a pregnancy remains a controversial issue as much today [in the 21st century] as in the 20th century before us. The difference in the last century or so is that the termination of a pregnancy has become a more routine and apparent risk-free medical procedure. Since the law on abortion has been liberalized, decisions about whether or not to proceed with an 'unwanted' pregnancy have become more for the individual and the family involved. Many religions are against abortion due to their belief in the Sanctity of Life. Acts 17:25 (New International Version) states: 'because he himself gives all [people] life and breath and everything else'. This is why Christians believe in the sanctity of life. This is the belief that all life is sacred and precious and that it is all a gift from God, and therefore it is only for God to take away. ...read more.


Christians who wish to argue against abortion on the basis of the bible use a number of verses which teach that God knows and plans the life of a child before they are even born, such as, "you created every part of me; you put me together in my mothers womb... when I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there. You saw me before I was born." (Psalm 139:13-15) From this it is argued that God knows each human and has a plan for each of us that is shaped and formed in the mind of God even before we are born. Roman Catholics argue that human life begins at conception and so abortion is wrong because it would be committing a murder. Pro choice Christians in return point out the absence of teachings on abortion. They consider that the quotations above are situation/person specific. However there is one passage in the bible that seems to touch specifically on the idea of abortion. ...read more.


The use of abortion for a Roman Catholic woman is non-negotiable, it is never right, even in circumstances such as rape. However if the woman is in any physical or mental danger because of the pregnancy, then abortion becomes acceptable, largely because of the conflict of the sanctity of the mother's life against that of an unborn foetus. The Church of England is reluctant to take such a hard view as Roman Catholics in the abortion debate. The church recognizes that there may be certain situations where abortion may seem more appropriate than carrying on with the pregnancy. For example if a woman was raped, then it may be felt right to terminate the pregnancy. Like the Catholic Church, protestant churches accept abortion when the life of the mother is at risk of her being pregnant. Most Protestants have no concrete view on when life actually begins in the foetus. The Methodists strong belief in the sanctity of life means that abortion is disapproved of strongly, however like the other churches, if the mother's life is at risk, mentally or physically, then the Methodists share the view that abortion would be allowed, along with medical advice. ...read more.

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