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Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.

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Hannah Atkinson Cardinal Allen High School, Fleetwood. GCSE Religious Studies Coursework-Paper J Option 2 Christian Vocation. A. i) Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work. ii) Explain why some Christians join communities and take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. iii) Explain the purpose and practise of ONE particular religious community. B 'Christians should lead active rather than contemplative lives.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion showing that you have considered another point of view. Your answer should refer to Christian teaching. A.i) Teenagers can be confirmed in a catholic church normally between the age of 10 and 16, this is where the person says 'yes' themselves instead of their parents saying it for them. They can go to Church every week and be an alter server or be in the choir, they can also got ot a Catholic High School where they can take part in masses, pray and are taught Religious Studies. Young adults can follow the call to discipleship by getting married in a Catholic Church. Have children and bring them up with a Catholic upbringing, by taking them to church every week, reading them the children's Bible. ...read more.


The parable of the sheep and goats applies to Christians who lead active lives. In the parable it says God divides the sheep and the goats, the righteous and unrighteous. God gives eternal life to the sheep because they have fed the hungry, clothed the naked and given drink to the thirsty. However the goats that have not done any of theses things are sent to hell. Active Christians believe they are helping others much like the sheep in the parable and in doing so will receive eternal life in heaven. This parable on the other hand can apply to Christians who lead contemplative lives. They may believe by giving up their possessions and by living a humble lifestyle they are acting as the 'sheep' also and they will receive eternal life in heaven for their actions. Active Christians might argue that an active lifestyle is better than a contemplative lifestyle because if Jesus had lead a contemplative life we would never have heard of him or of the things that he did today. Jesus helped many people during his life, and active Christians try to follow in Jesus footsteps by helping others in their community, Christians who lead contemplative lives would disagree with the statement 'Christians should lead active rather than contemplative lives' for several reasons. ...read more.


Firstly they may believe that leading an active life where you help others can lead you to be big headed about what you have done or lead you to judge others. They might argue that a contemplative lifestyle is better because you can concentrate all of your thoughts and prayers to God. An example of a contemplative lifestyle would be the monks at Mount St Bernard's Abbey. The monks live a humble life with minimal food and possessions. They believe devoting their life to God as they do, is the best way to show your love for Him. In my opinion an active Christian lifestyle is better than a contemplative lifestyle, because in an active lifestyle, you are helping others and teaching others about God much like Jesus did. They believe they should help other people because in the bible God said 'love thy neighbour.' God also said, 'whatever you do unto my brothers you do to me' which means that by helping others they are helping God. Leading a contemplative life such as the monks at St Bernard's Abbey do is commendable, but I think to be a better Christian you should help others. Therefore Christians should lead active rather than contemplative lives. ...read more.

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