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Describe the most important features of Liturgical worship, Non-Liturgical and Charismatic worship.

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Worship Coursework A01 Describe the most important features of Liturgical worship, Non-Liturgical and Charismatic worship Liturgical worship follows a written order of mass such as setting readings, hymns and actions before a service has began. The leader of a liturgical mass, which is a priest, wears special clothes and vestments such as the stole and chasuble. The set form of words and actions is laid out in a missal where the priest reads it from. Once the words and readings are set they cannot be changed. The type of actions that the priest performs is visualising Jesus e.g. he raises the host and the chalice at the consecration. The actions and words of the Mass change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ (Eucharist) which is to be blessed by the priest and later received by the preachers. But there is a pattern of standing, sitting, kneeling for the people and also the sign of the cross is frequently used in a Roman Catholic service. Here are some features in a liturgical mass: > Reading and Explanation of Scripture > Sermon > Prayers of Intercession (Bidding Prayers) > Gifts Of The People > Jesus' Words and Actions At The Last Super > Communion Service Non-Liturgical worship doesn't follow a written pattern of service order such as prayers or hymns, actions and sometimes no special vestments for the leader. ...read more.


All types of features are important in these three types of worship because every object in the Church are meant for a reason. This is to tell people that God is present in the Church and that it is a place to thank and worship God for giving us a life on his Earth. Here is a list of some features in the Church and what worship they are important to: > Vestments - Clothes worn by the priest or bishop who is in charge of the mass. It is a sign on how Jesus wore his clothes when he was alive. Different colours are worn for different times of the year. (Liturgical, Non-Liturgical) > Eucharist - Recalls the Last Supper, another name for this act is the Holy Communion. Christians represent these by symbols, one of the main symbols to be used is the host. The bread and wine represents the Body and Blood of Jesus, which was said at the Last Supper. (Liturgical) > Hymns and Prayers - Used as words to give praises to God and to worship him. Most prayers and hymns are usually based on the Bible. (All Worships) > Altar - Bread and wine are consecrated/blessed and changes into the Body and Blood of Christ, which will be received by the preachers. ...read more.


Also I think that parents who are Christian should attend mass on a regular basis so that they would set a reputation to their children and younger members of their family. This would then be passed down to generation and teaches them that worshipping God as an adult or child doesn't matter as long as you show that you are devoted to God in his house. People who don't praise God in church would rather do it at home or a place that they feel comfortable to communicate with him. Most people do this because they find it easier to talk to God and praise him. Also, some find church off putting and harder to connect to God due to other people's presence. Christ can still be present when 2 or 3 people are together and doesn't need a gathering like the one found in churches. Some people find that attending mass once a week is not enough to leave an impact on them, so they do daily prayers at home as much as they feel is needed. Christians of the Pentecostal type place the greatest emphasis on individual conversion, and say the Holy Spirit comes to the people because they have opened their hearts. Thus means that the service itself is less important to these Christians, compared with Catholic or Orthodox Christians who see the Eucharist as a sacrament in which Christ is really present and in which the priests stands in Christ's place. ...read more.

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