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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial T.V.

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G.C.S.E Religious Education Coursework - Religion in the Media. QUESTION (ONE) PART (A) Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial T.V. There are many different types of religious programmes, and seeing that there is so much choice over the five terrestrial channels. However, the importance of religious programmes on television has started to drop. The decline in the viewing of sacred programmes brings forward two major questions; Are people less interested in watching such programmes, or are they as a society, not as religious as they once were? As a result, The BBC has decided to review its religious output after a recent study found a drop in religious programmes on the two BBC channels. A reference to this decline is in 2002, The BBC dedicated one hundred and one hours of its broadcasting allowance to its religious programmes whereas in 2004, The BBC dedicated only eighty seven hours of its broadcasting allowance to its religious programmes. Religious programmes have always been present for as long as the television has been around. An example of a religious programme is a magazine show. The typical features of a magazine show are a presenter, comments on a variety of different issues relating to religion and faith, interviews with celebrities as well as personal stories from ordinary, working class people. An example of a magazine show is "The Heaven and Earth Show", normally shown around mid-day on a Sunday. The news section mainly talks about topics, in which the public has shown great interest, which they review. The Heaven and Earth Show also investigates different parts of religion, like the spiritual side. ...read more.


These protestors also objected to the use of these animals in laboratory experiments. A campaign was then set up in a bid to close down the family business. As a result, regular demonstrations were being held outside the farm and the campaign began to draw in supporters. As the campaign began to take pace, the farm premises were attacked and later on in the year, they started to attack the employees. Near-by surroundings were also vandalised with abusive graffiti, local pubs attacked and explosives let off at night to leave residents sleepless. Over four hundred and fifty separate incidents in the period of 1999 to 2003, leaving the entire local community feeling under siege. In 2004, the campaign against the business moved to a new and higher level when the body of Gladys Hammond was dug up and removed from its grave in St Peter's Churchyard. This caused unrest among the Hall family and local residents and the majority of activists condemned the actions of minority involved. Later on in the year, the Hall family received threatening letters from someone who claims to have the remains of Mrs Hammond. Staffordshire Police confirmed that they were investigating but said they could not verify the letter. As a result of the investigation, the animal rights campaigners were asked to stop their protests outside Darley Oaks Farm, and the campaigners obliged with the police request. In 2005, the animal rights activists again continued to protest outside the farm, enforcing police to patrol the protests in case the get out of hand. Death threats were again posted to employees and an amateur petrol bomb delivered to the business. ...read more.


Geraldine, who is the female vicar in her thirties, jokes all the time, especially about her religion, and has a very humorous character. The Catholics believe that the vicar mocks the religion to extreme measures, and also mocks the role of a vicar. The Catholics also disapprove of the fact of the vicar being a female, as Catholics prohibit female vicars seeing that Jesus only chose male disciples, and vicars are modern day disciples. This programme has an audience of all ages, as the people enjoy such shows, and it is a family programmes. Furthermore, a magazine show such as "The Heaven and Earth show" discusses some important issues regarding religion, and also displays religious views on a certain topic. This show does not display religious people as out of touch with the modern world, because the presenters use modern day techniques on the show, like phone in sessions, where they give out advice to callers. In "The Heaven and Earth Show" celebrities are also interviewed, and seeing that they are classed as role models of the modern world, the show does not display religious people as out of touch wit the modern world. Conclusively, I believe that the idea of religious people being portrayed as "out of touch" with society is dying out among the television's broadcasters, and that they have now started to portray religious people as "in touch" with society, in the modern shows, to attract more audiences. However, the fact that no other religions are shown on television is understandable, seeing that people of a certain society may find such programmes a little dull for their interests, and broadcasters have a main aim of scoring top marks on the rating of their programmes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Scott Adshead. 11A. Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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