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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the 5 main channels.

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RE Coursework: Religion And the media-Question 1 Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the 5 main channels. There are many types of religious programmes ranging from documentaries and worship to magazine. These deal with things such as worship and moral issues. Worship shows are based on sending the message that the religion conveys and to maybe in some cases help restore some people's faith. For example those who only go church occasionally may be converted to going every week with worship shows based on Christianity. A religious documentary is to inform viewers of the religion that is being analysed and to give the viewers a greater understanding of it. Magazine shows make the viewer reflect on moral issues and are looked at from a range of perspectives. ...read more.


From this show the audience can gain some facts about the Christian faith and boost their faith as hymns are about praising God and. Also their knowledge of the faith is increased or refreshed in between the hymns when the presenter has his time to explore the weakly theme. This show can be found on BBC 1. This show is aimed at all ages as children will enjoy hymns and will mainly attract people of the Christian faith. Another religion-based show that the BBC offers is the magazine show 'Heaven and Earth'. This show concentrated on a wide range of beliefs and was not just centred around Christianity. It featured reports on topical religious issues with notable reporters. ...read more.


This is a documentary to see if Islam can repair the moral fabric of British society. It had picked out six non-Muslims and one lapsed Muslim to follow Islamic teachings for three weeks. The six come from Harrogate, in Yorkshire, a town with very few ethnic minority inhabitants. The audience for this show is for teenagers and above. It can be watched by a person of any religion as they could be attracted by the fact of how non-Muslims coped in Islamic rulings and teachings. From this show the audience can gain facts about how Islam is like and what it is to be a Muslim in today's society. It is very factual and contains a lot of information about Islam. In the programme the volunteers have to give up things that are haram and they have to pray 5 times a day. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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