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Describe what the followers of the religion which you are studying may believe about the power of good and the power of evil.

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AO1: Describe what the followers of the religion which you are studying may believe about the power of good and the power of evil Most of religion is to do with the ideas of good and evil. However, it is often difficult to define exactly what these words mean. We might say that a lot of things we like are 'good', and the things we dislike are 'bad', rather than evil. Something which is evil is not just something which we don't like but is usually something which can cause harm to people. If we believe in God, then we should always do good things, because God is good, but evil things still occur in the world, like wars, famine, murder. This has led people to believe in the power of evil, a force that persuades people to do evil and wrong things. ...read more.


Evil can be split into two categories, moral and non-moral. Moral evil is that which is brought upon by human being e.g. war, murder, hat, lust, crime, adultery, and terrorism. Non-moral evil is everything else e.g. volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, tidal waves, flood, forest fires, avalanches, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. If God was all loving and all-powerful He would not allow either kind of evil to exist, and so therefore He cannot be the most powerful being. The Atheist response to the existence of evil comes in two forms. The logical form, which states that evil, is logically incompatible with the idea of God and the evidential form claims that the existence of evil doesn't prove that God isn't real, but makes it more likely. Atheists cannot believe in the reality of God because evil contradicts it, pain and suffering would not exist if there were an all-loving higher power Christians believe that the first sin happened in the Garden of Eden, when Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the apple from the tree of all knowledge. ...read more.


Evil and suffering is discussed throughout all religions. Christians believe that we cannot understand God's reasons for doing things and so we should not worry about them, and that evil was placed on the earth to test us to see if we are loyal to God and so able to go paradise. Also some believe that there is free will, given to us by God and if we choose to do evil it is not His fault. Hindu's believe that suffering is an essential part of the cycle of life and that humans are the main reason for the existence of evil and suffering. Islam's believe that evil and suffering are a test from god. Jews believe that it is a punishment, a test and a way of bringing people closer to God. Muslims say that although Allah (God) allows this evil force to exist, he wants us to act according to his rules. At the end of the day, Allah judges us on the way in which we have led our lives. ...read more.

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