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Discipleship in the Life of a Modern Christian.

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Re Coursework - Discipleship in the Life of a Modern Christian. In question 1 I looked at the nature of discipleship which brings me on to how it might affect the life of a Christian today. For instance, by looking at the rewards of discipleship in Marks Gospel I can see that a practicing Christian should receive a hundred times more persecutions. This for a modern Christian however, would not be the same for a Christian in the time when the gospel was written, as now the only form of persecution someone may face would be nasty looks, whereas then, they may have been tortured and killed. ...read more.


rights * giving time to others * dedicating their lives to help others When looking at these qualities, a man who died in 1941 comes to my mind as being a disciple: Maximillian Kolbe. Throughout his life he established many associations and cities such as the City of Mary Immaculate, devised to aid others in need. He was ordained priest in 1918, thus giving him a duty to help people. Despite all his heroic work he was arrested in 1939 for his anti-Nazism, released, and then arrested again in February 1941 on charges of aiding Jews and the Polish. He was taken to Auschwitz where he gave up his life in place of another condemned inmate. ...read more.


He has established a shelter for some of the children and one day he is hoping to build a "children's village," therefore making him one of the most important figures in these peoples' lives. When I think of someone I know having discipleship qualities, my Aunt Molly comes to mind. Although she is a Jehovah's Witness she shows the qualities that any regular Catholic or Church of England Christian disciple should have. For instance, she spends time and effort knocking on peoples' doors in order to preach to them about her beliefs, and she is constantly practicing her religion, therefore she is a true example of how discipleship affects a modern Christian today. Danielle Jones 10m ...read more.

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