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Discuss and evaluate the ways in which the beliefs of researchers might count as evidence for or against their results.

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3. discuss and evaluate the ways in which the beliefs of researchers might count as evidence for or against their results. If some says, �� I saw a car in the lake ,�� do you trust him?if you say no, but think of that, have you ever seen the amphibian ? so how could you tell whether it is true or not? The problem here is that belief or bias can help the researchers acquire of knowledge, or it was an obstacle to overcome. what affects researchers to get the knowledge. People act from beliefs and beliefs influenced us in differently way, the Spanish poet Anonio Machado said belief is "under all that we think ,lives all we believe, and resembles the ultimate veil of our spirits" ��I think beliefs are the conclusion from your individual experience and perception and also the knowledge you get. A belief is a firm opinion or acceptance of things or statement with trust or confidence. T.K.Gamble&M. Gamble in the books he says" perception is the process of selecting, organizing, an interpreting sensory data in a way that enable us to make sense of our world." �� from two definitions we can see the Belief can be true or false. ...read more.


It also happens in science, when the scientist explain his theory , the belief often influenced and against there results. When Einstein apply his relativity theory to the structure of universe, he assumed that the universe is contracting or expanding. ��That is incompatible with the main notion of static universe in that time. So Einstein made the mistake that he refused to accept his result, and added a term (the Hubble constant etc) to his equations and make his equation suit to his belief of the static universe. A few years later ,another scientist Edwin hubble says that the static universe was wrong, and he has enough evidence to prove that, Einstein finally said he had made the mistake. So we can see that although the scientist are trying for objectivity, but the mistake is made, because the belief of the researchers and bias not the scientific method, so the belief of the researchers in nature science are sometimes against their results. But I think to some extent the beliefs can act as evidence of their results. The beliefs of the researchers are Important in the establishment of the hypothesis. If the scientists had no belief the research would not exist. The scientist in 1700s, explained that objects lost weight when they burned because they combined with a substance in the air called phlogiston, which has negative weight. ...read more.


And often the social and political situation and opinion will influence them and change their results ,they do not form beliefs basic on their results. the historian David lrving denied the holocaust , the six millions Jewish were killed by germen soldier��, because he was right wing beliefs to influence him to change all the resources to support the false knowledge. I think we should take objectivity and openness. Art is another area of knowledge there is totally objectivity. Do you know the painting ��Bathers�� by French impressionist George Seurat develop which is full of mathematics�� ? in the painting the golden rectangle ,projective geometry ,proportion ,ratios optical illusions were used in , so not only the three dimensional scene can on a two dimensional canvas. It also give us the visual appreciation. When the artist recreate the feeling using external symbols ,his use of mathematics knowledge in his painting made it more beautiful, George Seurat believe that the golden rectangle really can make the painting more beautiful. So I think if his belief that have sufficient evidence, and can prove it, it can count as the evidence for their results. It��s obvious that the beliefs have both advantage and limitation on the researchers results in different areas of knowledge ,only we get adequate evidence and open mind or logical can get evidence for their results, so is it clearer for you to say whether it is possible for a car to travelin the lake? ...read more.

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