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Discuss How Christians Oppose The Topic of Abortion.

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Discuss How Christians Oppose The Topic of Abortion. What is Abortion? Abortion is ending the life of an unborn child or before it has had the chance to live. Abortion was legalized in Britain in 1967 via 'The Abortion Act'. In 1966 Liberal MP David Steel decided to sponsor an abortion law reform bill. Its passage through the parliaments view was not a very smooth ride but a very bumpy one. Religious groups, government ministers and doctors all had strong views on the subject and there were several influential bodies which opposed the bill. On 27th October 1967 the Abortion Act became law in England, Scotland and Wales and took effect six months later on 27th April 1968. Some people are pro-abortion for a number of reasons. A lot of people think that abortion is ok in certain circumstances e.g. when the women was raped, but this type of circumstances only account for a very small percent of all abortions which are carried out. Some people believe that it is the woman's right, her life, her body, her choice. ...read more.


Christians believe that the abortion of a baby is wrong. However this depends on the individual case. The Church of England said in 1984, 'The life of a foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it endangers the life of the mother'. This means is that if the mother's life is in danger then abortion is acceptable. So, in this case, they are for abortion under certain circumstances. Due to this, you will tend to think that Christians are not a pro-life organization as they do agree with abortion under certain circumstances however this is only under extreme circumstances which consider the lives of others such as the mother. In simpler terms it is better to have an abortion than an unfit mother and an unhappy child. . However the Didache contradicts this point of acceptance by saying, 'You shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb and you shall not murder the infant already born' this is an early Christian dating back to 200 A.D. It means that to kill a child of any form is absolutely wrong. ...read more.


This tells us that God had already made us before we are born and this backs up the theory that every human life is unique and that we are practically killing a person by aborting it. In genesis 1:27, we are told that 'God made man in his image' which tells us that we don't have the right to take away a life. Personally, I agree with the Christians viewpoint again due to religion with being a Muslim however only to a certain extent. I think that abortion is wrong and any sort of taking of a life is wrong but if it endangers the mother's life or can cause serious problems between families then I think it should be a possibility. I think however people take advantage of it using it practically as a contraception method. As this essay shows, there is a mixed viewpoint towards abortion from Christianity even though they all point to the same conclusion that to most extents abortion is wrong and should not be performed unless in need of desperation. Zaffer Mahtey, 10cr. RE Essay on Abortion. Zaffer Mahtey, 10cr. ...read more.

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