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Does Holy Communion matter?

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Does Holy Communion matter? Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought of more than one point of view. I believe Holy Communion does have great significance in the worship of Christians today. Of course it is central to our faith. From the beginning of Christianity, Christians have put great value on the Eucharist and what it represents. Also Jesus had asked his Disciples to, "do this in memory of me". With this statement Jesus makes it clear that his suffering and death has some purpose. As Roman Catholics we must remember we are actually receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. ...read more.


The pope requests that Roman Catholics gather at least once a week to celebrate mass and the Eucharist. It is a very important aspect of our religion and as Catholics we should obey the pope's request, as he is believed to be God's representative on earth. Catholics believe that the Holy Communion they receive is the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ this is known as Transubstantiation they receive this either on the hand or the tongue. Also on special occasions such as Marriage and First Holy Communion the people can receive wine. ...read more.


Although there are many different ways that the Eucharist is celebrated one thing remains that is it still the most essential part of Christian worship. Some people believe that the Eucharist is not important because they belong to a non-Christian organisation and do not understand the value and importance of it in today's Christian society. I believe that as followers of Jesus Christ we have to live by his example and Jesus has asked us to remember him and celebrate the Eucharist. As with the last meal Jesus ate with the disciples it signified unity, respect and brotherhood so does the Eucharist in doing this we are insuring the future of Christianity and enabling us to carry out Gods work on earth. ...read more.

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