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Does the developed world have a moral responsibility towards the under developed world?

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Does the developed world have a moral responsibility towards the under developed world? Poverty has been a topic that has causes many discussions for generations. Are wealthy countries responsible for constantly giving money and aid to the people in poverty or should they help they help the third world to stand on their own two feet? People naturally think that third world was always poor but never stop to think how they became that way. In fact the truth is that we made it like that with slavery and wars. So is not it our responsibility to help them? Currently the situation in the underdeveloped is looking bitter, with millions of people dieing from HIV aids and starvation there is still a lack of aid reaching them. The famine that is expected in the coming year is predicted to starve many more people. Organisations like SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund) are trying their best to tackle this problem. SCIAF's visions a world in which all people, especially the poor and oppressed, those who are in poverty should have the same opportunity to live life and live it to the full but the underdeveloped world is struggling to live life at all. ...read more.


Is that really fair? Certifiers from such companies make $0.10 per pound of certified coffee sold without actually contributing to the making of the coffee. They are a middleman, the ones that many fair traders blame for low the earnings of coffee producers but the middleman is desperately needed for fair-trade to exist. We cannot solely depend of fair-trade alone to get the world out of poverty, from the results of a survey only about one out of ten people actually brought fair-trade products from the supermarket though people do believe that it is a way forward. Some people believe that aid is not the answer. Money and food has not helped the people out of poverty. It has made the third world too depended on others for their survival. They believe that before other countries should help, the third world should first concentrate on trying to tackle their population growth. It is hopeless to be constantly giving aid to rescue them out of poverty when the population is soaring out of hand. They should understand that having a child is not so that they can grow up and earn money but that it is a ...read more.


Hindu texts stress the importance of stable family so they do not give as generously as other religions might. They believe that people in poverty should be help but they do no believe that they have a moral responsibility. Personally I think that aid is necessary to a certain extent. Aid should be used to restore peoples live but after that people should focus on helping the underdeveloped world to stand on their own two feet instead on relaying solely on aid since aid only think about short term matters while the main problem is long term. I believe that Fairtrade would play a major part in helping the third world to be more independent and I am in favour of using Fairtrade products. However I do not believe that buying Fairtrade products is compulsory, it would be ideal if everyone buys Fairtrade items and I would strongly urge people to but it is not their responsibility to buy Fairtrade products nor is it right forcing people to buy it. In the meanwhile I think that the world should focus on making the underdeveloped world a stable place with aid before going into Fairtrade. This can be done through charities and organisations and can be tackled if everyone is willing to be generous. Gaia Wu ...read more.

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