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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about Euthanasia into action.

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GCSE Coursework: Religious Studies OCR 1930A Paper 1 Luke's Gospel Euthanasia (b) Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about Euthanasia into action. The Christian church teaches us to definitely obligate to euthanasia. It is a process of killing someone basically, where in the bible it says, "Thou shall not kill". Regarding what the Christian perspective is to euthanasia, some Christians may put their beliefs about euthanasia into action by the following. In order to rid of euthanasia Christians may ask the law of Euthanasia to change. If this law is to be acknowledge by the MP and president of America then the law of banning euthanasia would flourish throughout the word. Therefore places such as Holland, and Switzerland who approve of euthanasia would follow in this trend, and finally see that it is a sin to kill. ...read more.


Even the idea of Christians asking for a famous person, such as Mel Gibson to appear on TV, for a short period to talk on how euthanasia is wrong, again can change people's views on euthanasia and is a very powerful idea for Christians to do. Fourthly Christians can go to prayer meetings. This is more of a spiritually idea that can help in many ways. People can go to feast or Vigils, where they talk on the issue and pray for it to end. They do this because it is what they believe in, and they have high hopes for prayer to take control. In reference to media, the Internet can also be a good source to use. Christians may design web sites talking on euthanasia, how effective it is on a person's life, and how it is a sin. ...read more.


A major response to euthanasia from Christians is a hospice. A hospice is like a home were terminally ill people are looked after. In other words their pain is controlled. Hospices are definitely a good alternative to euthanasia. They don't charge patients, so it is a better way to live life peacefully knowing you are going to die. Instead of performing euthanasia hospices help provide a peace of mind. Hospices help provide an environment. In conclusion to how Christians may put their beliefs about euthanasia into action, I think the best way is to definitely have hospices worldwide. This is a better alternative, and is a place were friendship is always operating, between patients and staff. Hospices should be use because it's a peaceful environment, and is also a Christian establishment. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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