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Explain how going on pilgrimages can change people's lives.

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AO2 - Explain how going on pilgrimages can change people's lives Pilgrimage can affect the lives of many people in many different ways. One way in which someone may have been affected is through repentance and renewal. As a way of increasing their faith, pilgrims visit the scenes of events that are part of their spiritual life. Visiting places of great religious significance may help the pilgrim to feel God's presence even more. This also gives them a chance to reflect on other aspects of their life as well as spiritually, such as a visitor to Lourdes who said that the sick showed them how they were taking life for granted. They then went on to say that during their week at Lourdes and probably for the rest of their lives they would feel closer to God for that pilgrimage, which is an example of renewal of their faith. ...read more.


A pilgrimage is also a chance for a person to be more aware of the passing of their life and of their limited time on earth. It sets them thinking and helps them to work out a sense of priority through their life In addition people may have been affected by pilgrimage through the experience of acceptance. In one way, someone on a trip to Lourdes will have experienced the feeling of being accepted for who they were, feeling a sense of belonging, and made many new friends and acquaintances, most of which were likely to stay in touch even once the pilgrimage was over. One pilgrim said that the united friendly atmosphere and feeling part of a large family unit for a week was wonderful. ...read more.


An example of this acceptance is from one woman who was afraid of losing her eyesight. After going to Lourdes, she returned full of life and confidence, even though her problem had not improved. She felt that during the pilgrimage she had been given the strength to accept and cope with her problem. Furthermore, people's spiritual lives may have changed a great deal in ways of education, learning more about what they believe in, bringing back the fundamental basis of their faith, and exploring different, new interesting ways of worshipping God. A person's spiritual life may have also been changed through enhancing their efforts and commitments to God, and may have refreshed people if they were feeling strained or having doubts about their faith. Being amongst others of the same beliefs may have provided hope and encouragement from other pilgrims to be inspired to become closer to God. Steph Birnage 10L Pilgrimage Coursework AO2 ...read more.

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