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Explain how rituals and values connected with Christian marriage ceremonies might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and breakdown

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Explain how rituals and values connected with Christian marriage ceremonies might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and breakdown Often in the Christian church people attend marriage preparation classes so they can go through what they would have to do in church. This is often useful because it can help to stop people suddenly deciding to run away because of pressure or stress. I think many of the vows connected with are often daunting because of the way they are said or written and this can put couples off getting married. For example 'till death do us part' could be seen as daunting because even if they want to leave each other they cannot because of these vows they took. ...read more.


If a person gets married in a registry office, then it will affect how seriously they perceive their marital values, because if the couple got married in a registry office it does not seem as special because it is not with all their friends and family and often this can mean the couple do not properly appreciate their marriage and can result in a divorce, on the other hand if the two people cared enough about each other then it should not matter where they get married. Getting married in a registry office is not considered to be a proper marriage I think this is because the traditional place to be married is in a church. ...read more.


an important part would also be missing because if no one was invited there would be no bridesmaid or best man who often give most of then moral support, so I would think that it would be a lot harder because they would have to cope by themselves. This could also deter couples from getting married if no one agreed with their point of view. So overall I think that preparing for a marriage can greatly effect the way couples approach marriage and breakdown of it. This is because the rituals and vows are often off-putting and this can make people a little less certain about whether or not they want to get married. Also where they get married and whether or not they have guests can be a big contribution too. ...read more.

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