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Explain how Roman Catholic beliefs concerning married life are reflected in the rituals and vows of the marriage ceremony.

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Marriage Coursework-AO1 Beliefs and Practices Explain how Roman Catholic beliefs concerning married life are reflected in the rituals and vows of the marriage ceremony. Marriage is a legally binding contract between two people, usually a male and female. It can take different forms but it's common to every society, marriage can have a religious dimension and be held in places of worship e.g. Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques. In these types of marriages there is a belief that it is God or some supreme power that is joining them together. Marriage existed long before Christianity but as Christianity developed it was felt appropriate to hold marriages in churches. There are 4 main Roman Catholic beliefs, Sacrament, Permanent, Exclusive and Life-Giving. The first belief is Sacrament. ...read more.


Death ends a marriage and the remaining partner is free to marry again. The Church does not recognise divorce because the couple promised to stay together until death when they made their vows before God. However, in certain circumstances the Church will grant an annulment if it can be proved that it was never a true marriage. The permanent belief is shown in the opening prayer, 'May their lives always bear witness to the reality of that love.', the second question of the bride and groom declaring their intention to marry, 'Will you love and honour each other for the rest of your life?', the wedding vows, 'to have and to hold from this day forward', acceptance of consent and the nuptial blessing, 'May he always honour her'. ...read more.


The final belief is Life-Giving. As marriage involves sexual intercourse there is the possibility of children. The Catholic Church believes that children are a gift from God and Gods 'crown and glory' to a marriage. Therefore sex should always be open to the possibility of conception. This means that the Church forbids any methods of contraception. It also means that abortion is condemned once conception has taken place. This belief is so important to the Church that the couple are actually asked in the wedding service if they will accept children. Finally marriage is also life giving for the couple themselves because the experience of being in love makes people feel fully human and fully alive. This belief only comes up once throughout the whole service and that's the third question when the bride and groom declare their intention for marriage, 'Will you accept children lovingly from God?' Chris Ellison RE Coursework ...read more.

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