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Explain how the Bible is used in congregational and private worship.

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RELIGIOUS STUDIES COURSEWORK - CHRISTIANITY Part 1 Explain how the Bible is used in congregational and in private worship. The Bible is the holy book for all Christians. Many Christians will listen to the Bible being read in Church during services, as part of their public congregational worship. Some Christians also read a part of the Bible every day as part of their private worship. However, the Bible is used in many different ways for different types of Christians, particularly in public congregational worship. In Britain, the Quakers (Society Of Friends) will not necessarily read a passage at every service. They will sit in silence, with the Bible in the centre of the room on a table. The worshippers will wait for the Holy Spirit to prompt someone to speak. ...read more.


Mormon Christians have a very different outlook on the Holy Book they rely on. They do not look at the Bible for their guidance in life. They base their faith on a book revealed by an angel to their founder, a 14 year old boy called Joseph Smith in the New York State. The book states that Jesus Christ appeared in America after his ascension, and they use this book in their services. The Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican Churches will all use it similarly, but differently to the other Churches. They will use the Bible regularly during public worship. A part of the Old Testament will be first read, then a part of the Epistles. ...read more.


The Bible is also used during festivals, such as at Easter the victory songs are sung and the story of the empty tomb and appearances of Jesus are read out. At Christmas the birth of Jesus is read and carols are sung. Many Christians will use the Bible as part of their private worship at home. They may personally study it and worship upon God after thinking about what they've read. Christians may also meditate upon the words. To some Christians, it may feel as if someone is listening when they read and pray with the Bible, as the words come alive and the person feels a sense of freshness inside. Some Christians may privately go to Church with a Bible to worship alone. Whilst worshipping they will hope to find inner guidance of God through the Bible's words which makes them feel closer to God. ...read more.

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