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Explain how the teachings of Islam and Christianity might influence a married couples decision about the use of contraception

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Explain how the teachings of Islam and Christianity might influence a married couples decision about the use of contraception Contraception is another word for different types of birth control. It may be used when pregnancy or child birth will harm the physical or mental health of the mother, to limit the number of children that people have in order not to damage their living standards and affect over children, by people who do not want to have children at the stage of live they are in, or to space out from their first child to their next. Christianity and Islam have different denominations, which means that not all Christians think the same. ...read more.


for her physical and psychological equilibrium." The only use of contraception that a Roman Catholic couple may use is the natural method that is when the woman would know when they are fertile and not have sex then, as this does not interfere with Natural Law. If the couple where Church of England, then they may use almost all methods of contraception, apart from the ones that may kill a fertilised egg, as all life is created by God and in the image of God. The Church of England almost always teaches the fact that it is up to the couple to decide according to their own conscience, which was a gift from god. ...read more.


If the couple where Liberal Muslims, who are pro-choice, then they would use all methods of contraception except for the ones that kill the fertilized egg. The similarities between Roman Catholic and Strict Muslims are very similar as they both agree that no contraception should be used. The only difference between Strict Muslim and Roman Catholic is the fact that Catholics Allow the Natural method, where as Strict Muslims do not. The similarities between Centrist and liberal Muslims and Church Of England Christians is that they can both use natural methods but the differences is the fact that all over methods are frowned upon unless there is a good reason by centrist Muslims, whereas Church of England Christians believe that it is the persons own choice. ...read more.

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