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Explain the important beliefs celebrated at easter and how they are celebrated?

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1. Explain the important beliefs celebrated at easter and how they are celebrated? Easter Sunday comes at the end of holy week which consists of many days which have a significant meaning. The six weeks leading up to easter is called lent and this is celebrated by many people giving up one of their luxuries, for example, chocolates and sweets. They do this because they are remembering when jesus was in the desert and was tempted by the devil and how jesus rejected his offer. During the time of lent, comes a day called ash Wednesday which certain churches have the ceremony of putting ash on to the foreheads of people as a symbol of receieving forgiveness. Holy week begins with Palm Sunday, and this remembers the entry of jesus into jerusalem. People cheered jesus as the coming Messiah. Many people were expecting a warrior who would drive out the Romans but jesus however, rode in on a donkey showing he was a man of peace and humble. ...read more.


Good Friday remembers how jesus was crucified which is a serious and sombre occasion. It is called Good Friday because people remember how jesus sacrificed his own life to save mankind. The anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches are stripped of all colourful decorations, crosses, candles and hangings. This is to remind the worshipers of the fact that jesus felt deserted and desolate on the cross. On Good Friday, when people attend the church, the story of The Passion is read, and in some churches the priest will enveil a crucifix and say 'this is the wood of the cross on which the saviour of the world died.' The people will then walk up to the alter to kiss the feet of the carved christ as a mark of respect. Free churches will not have the same ritual, but they will have a service in which the Passion story is read and thanks will be given to Jesus for going on the cross and saving humanity from their sins. ...read more.


Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches are full of decoration again with the priest in white robes. Flowers will be on the altar and candles burning. Songs of victory are sung in all churches and the story of the empty tomb and the apperances of the risen Jesus will be read out. On this day, many hot crossed buns are eaten to celebrate the end of lent. The cross design is to remember Jesus and many easter eggs are shared. Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and in Orthodox churches, hard boiled eggs are cracked open on easter day to celebrate the resurrection when Jesus broke free from the tomb. The Easter story is a movement from tears to joy and touches christians very deeply when they hear it. It is about the struggle between good and evil, or light and darkness and the final victory of good. It is the story of how God showed that he was involved in human struggles and suffering and how God promises life after death. ...read more.

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