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Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today.

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Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today. Although Christians today do not agree when and how to baptise they do agree that is a very important part of our relationship with God and our everyday lives. Below I am going to outline the meaning and significance of different aspects of baptism today. When a child is baptised it automatically becomes a member of a loving Christian community. In this day and age, this community provides help both in our everyday lives and in times of need, for example when someone close to you dies the community are there to provide both emotional support and help with digging graves or making food for those attending the wake etc. ...read more.


what career path to take? Who to marry? Or what to do about bad health? Or for young people when faced with situations such as smoking, drinking or to have sex, when a lot of pressure is put on do the 'cool thing', the Holy Spirit can give you strength and help you get through. By being baptised as a Catholic you can then receive the other six Sacraments. This can help modern Christians in many ways. One way would be that you can receive God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of reconciliation and therefore you feel better about yourself and perhaps you feel less stressed. By being baptised you can also avail of getting married in the Church and can ask God to become part of the marriage making it more sacred and special. ...read more.


In the same way as before this helps them feel better and relieves the guilt for anything they may have done wrong in their 'previous lives'. Believers baptism is the outward sign of their faith and as well as this they must continue on their good faith in their everyday lives. For Baptists this may take the form of working for a charity or perhaps just praying for those in need. In conclusion I feel that baptism is the most important of the sacraments and very important in our lives as Christians. It helps us to develop a good set of morals through both our faith and through the example of other Christians. Baptism supplies us with the basis of our faith and through our faith way may come to understand everything that is going wrong in the world today. ...read more.

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