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Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community

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Explain the purpose and practice of ONE particular religious community Every year tens of thousands of people from around the world make the pilgrimage to Taiz� to spend a week in communal prayer. In all the Churches and Christian communities, and even among the highest political leaders in the world, the Taiz� community is known for the trust always full of hope that it places in the young. The Taiz� community was born in 1940 when Roger Schulze bought a house in Taiz�, France, at the very time when Europe was beginning to feel the ravages of war. Intending to set up a religious community there he began by living the life of a monk alone, praying three times a day and living off the land. ...read more.


It places the theme of reconciliation at the center of its life and worship, embracing many of the old monastic ideals but incorporate modern Christian concerns and ways of worshiping. Taiz� encourages people to become makers of peace, bearers of reconciliation in the Church and of trust on earth, by becoming involved in their own neighbourhoods, towns and villages, in their parishes, with all the generations, from children to elderly people. Today Taiz� has become a place of pilgrimage for young people from all over the world. It can be visited by members of all the Churches, all religions and by people who have no religion. This is because the whole idea of Taiz� is about reconciliation. ...read more.


They share deeply about their searching and their struggles to live out their faith. Taiz� prayer practices include silent meditation, the singing of improvised hymns, songs, the burning of candles and incense, and, in some cases, the chanting of Hindu-style mantras. The community encourages participants to return home and to take back what they have discovered and put it into practice in the concrete conditions of their life: their parishes, their work or study, their families. A week in Taiz� can be a life-transforming experience for those who take part. Many people receive spiritual strength while they are there to go back to their normal life and be effective witnesses to the power of God in their lives. They find a meaning to their life. One of Christ's secrets is that he loved people first. There lies the meaning of life: to be loved forever, to be forgiven and trusted by God. ...read more.

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