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Explain The Purpose And Practice Of One Particular Religious Community

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Explain The Purpose And Practice Of One Particular Religious Community Benedictine monks are a special type of monks. They are monks that follow the rule of Benedictine. Benedictine monks follow 3 clear important things said by St Benedict. Benedictine monks stay within the monastery all their lives, the point they take the vows till the day they die. They also have to make a balance of pray, work and relaxation. The Abbot leads the monastery and the monks should be respectful to him. The purpose of a Benedictine monk is to help the community in many ways. Some of the ways they help the community is work as a volunteer (so they obliviously work for free, since they take the vow of poverty), some things they might do as work is teach and garden. ...read more.


The purpose of the monks doing the Opus Dei is remind themselves that life is a gift from God and they should repay him for his gift, they also believe they need to be repay him in everything they do. It makes them aware that God's presence is in every moment in their lives. The Lectio Divina is one other way they pray to God. The Lectio Divina means spiritual readings. The way the monks would pray in the Lectio Divina; is to read a passage from the bible several times so they can fully understand the passage. Then they would spend a bit of time to understand the passage they have read and what means to them. ...read more.


The Monks often organize retreats for schools and possibly companies, and in this they try to teach the children about god and organize fun activities like football matches and other sports in this the Monks will try to join and enjoy themselves too, I think. The Monks may do work in parishes the type things they may help in is: - the laity, they might do the children's liturgy, give out the communion and perhaps do some readings. Administrative work, they might help do the priests accounts, or records for baptisms and parish newsletters. The Monks may visit the sick on behalf of the priest but cant do any parts of the sacrament of the sick. The only thing he may do is comfort the sick person. Warren John Niles, 10S, Mr McGowan, R.E., AO3 ...read more.

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