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Explain what Christian teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion.Christians could use teachings from the bible in an argument about abortion. Most Christians believe that

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Abortion Abortion is a massive issue. It is probably one of the most widely debated topics today. Lots of people from all over the world have different and very strong views on the subject of abortion. A) i) What is meant by the word "ABORTION"? The word Abortion means the termination of a pregnancy before the foetus is able to survive outside the mother, or is considered legally viable. An abortion takes place after a baby has been conceived through sexual intercourse. Certain precautions can be taken before a baby is conceived; therefore an abortion would not be used. These precautions could include condoms, the coil, the morning after pill, or the contraceptive pill. There are two main types of abortion; spontaneous and therapeutic. Spontaneous abortions are natural and cannot be helped. They are usually called miss-carriages. Miss-carriages often take place due to maternal factors such as reproductive disorders, or if the mother has not been treating her self correctly and has been smoking, drinking alcohol, etc, when advised not to. It may even be a possibility that the mother has experienced an accident such as being involved in a car crash or a fight. This type of abortion can happen at any period of the pregnancy. The other type of abortion is the abortion that is debated about, and that I will be discussing in this essay. Therapeutic abortion is the termination of pregnancy by choice. In many countries, the legalization of abortion has been fairly recent. Fifty-four countries allow abortion, which is about sixty-one percent of the world's population. ...read more.


It is also to be taken note that Jesus talked of being born again. He never seems to talk of being conceived again. Therefore, in a discussion about abortion, Christian teachings could be used to support you if you were either for or against abortion. B) Explain how Christians may respond to the question of abortion. Christians may respond to the issue of abortion in either one of two categories. These two categories are Pro-Life which is against abortion and Pro-Choice which is for abortion. It is possible to have mixed views, but in most cases, you either agree, or disagree with abortion. Pro-Life will teach to the world that abortion is always wrong and will never be right in any circumstances. The Roman Catholic Church believes that human life begins at contraception, therefore abortion kills human life. Almost all Catholics believe that abortion is wrong, don't support abortion and that it should be made illegal. Ways in which the Roman Catholic Church may react to a woman having an abortion would be in a negative way because they believe that it is unfair and against God's wishes to have an abortion, they may stage protests to the government saying that abortions should be made illegal. It is not just Roman Catholics that are against abortion, however. Anybody can be against it, and they may respond to the question of abortion by doing something such as joining an anti-abortion group such as SPUC, which stands for Society for the Protection of the Unprotected Child. ...read more.


No? After all, you don't know which one is life threatening, so you can take the chance and not worry about it, right? Likewise, if there is a chance that the life is human, should you take the risk of killing it? This is not a justified reason for abortion. * You can't afford a baby, You are too young, Having a child will disrupt education or your career, There are relationship problems or you or/and your partner simply do not want pregnancy. These are the most unjustified reasons I can think of for abortion. I think that if you are responsible enough to have sexual intercourse, then you are responsible enough to have a child. A baby should not be aborted because of any of the above reasons, as it is plainly not their fault. * There is a risk to maternal or fetal health. I think that in this case, abortion can be considered to be justified. Putting someone's life or health at risk is a justified reason to have an abortion. I don't think that the bible displays very clear views on abortion, however, the small amounts of evidence that it does contain, depend on how you interpret them. It does not significantly say "Abortion is Justified" or "Abortion is Unjustified". Therefore, I think that to decide whether or not abortion is justified depends on what you are influenced by; Conscience, Bible Teaching (not everyone interprets it in the same way), or Church teaching (which may be based on the bible or in the light of human experience). I am against abortion. Hannah-Beth Robertson GCSE Coursework Part 2, Abortion Mr. Grant Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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