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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibilities for other people.

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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibilities for other people. Christians are taught to be responsible and compassionate towards other people throughout their lives. To do this they must respond to the world we live in today. Even though the bible teaches us to treat all people as equals, our world is still divided. There are poor people, there are people that live in absolute poverty, and Christians are taught to do all they can to help this. Any wealth they have they might acquire, should be shared with those less fortunate than themselves. Christians must put bible teachings, and their faith into practice. There are so many teachings in the bible that show a Christian their responsibilities. Even if they are not expressed directly, a Christian should realise what is right to do from following other teachings in the bible and the example that Jesus set in the way he lived his life. ...read more.


Mark 12: 43 also says that "The widow who gave more than she could afford is greatly blessed, more than the rich man who gave plenty, but had plenty to spare". These teaching are both showing Christians their responsibilities to others, and what to do in life. If a Christian has a talent, God has given that talent to them and they should share their talent and not be selfish. No one person should be wealthier than the next, and everyone should be equal. It is written in the bible that Jesus did not discriminate. He mixed with social outcasts, people on the edge of society. He even helped the gentiles, for example in Luke 7:1-10, Jesus healed a Centurions servant. This isn't showing Christians to help centurions servants, it is showing them to care for everyone, even if you are opposed to them you should help them if they are in need. ...read more.


Notes * Unpack responsibility to others- stewardship- genesis * Jesus "do unto others" * O/t teaching (consistent with Jesus' message) * Respond to the world we live in --> divided society, N/S divide, absolute poverty, causes of poverty and problems of poverty * Guided by Jesus' teaching an example of how they should respond * Social content of Jesus -->he mixed with people on the edge of society ... examples * His message was inclusive * Church = community of people * Jesus stressed that we have to help those in need ...examples * He said we couldn't have eternal life/ kingdom of god unless we do * What we do for others, we do for God * Christians must put their faith into practice Mark 12: 43 - The widow who gave more than she could afford is greatly blessed, more than the rich man who gave plenty, but had plenty to spare. ...read more.

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