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Explain what Roman Catholics believe about reconciliation and punishment.

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Reconciliation and Punishment A01 : Reconciliation and Punishment In this essay, I am going to explain what Roman Catholics believe about reconciliation and punishment. Reconciliation means the forgiveness of sins and therefore, reconciliation is needed to forgive the sins of those who are sinful so that they may receive eternal life. Sin is an act of wrongdoing and is an offence against God. There are many different types of sins but the church recognises that sins shows itself in two basic ways which are original sin and personal sin. Original sin means the basic tendency of mankind to turn away from God's plan of creation where he wanted people to be good stewards of the earth. Original sin is the result of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The other way in which the church recognises sin is personal sin. There are two different types of personal sin. They are mortal sin and venial sin. Mortal sin is a serious type of sin that means death to the life of Christ in which a person is baptised. ...read more.


So by faith Zacchaeus sins were forgiven and he was reconciled with the people he had cheated. Punishment is a penalty that is imposed onto a sinner as the result of the crime that they have committed. Crime is a criminal act that a certain individual carries out which is against the law or God's commandments. The main causes of crime are greed, personal revenge, boredom, influence from television etc. These conditions can lead crimes such as vandalism, theft, assault, murder etc. The types of punishments given out for these crimes include imprisonment, community service, fines, attendance centres etc. The main aim of punishment is to reform criminals and make them realise the errors of their ways. Punishment is also imposed on criminals so that society is kept safe and that they feel safe. Society also shows that crime is not tolerable to criminals through punishing them. Punishment also puts potential criminals of because they do not want to endure the punishments. A02: Capital Punishment Capital punishment is the death sentence which is aimed to kill the criminal that has committed an exceptionally gruesome crime. ...read more.


Sometimes, mistakes can also be made and innocent people are get executed. Some Christians also say that life is sacred which is quite true because all humans are put on earth for a reason and everybody is part of God's plan. It is also said that despite the cruelty of capital punishments, it does not deter murderers according to statistics. Capital punishment is also a cruel, and clod blooded form of killing. It is therefore a violation of the right to live. Nevertheless most Christians believe that punishment and forgiveness can go together. It helps to reform the criminal and makes it easier for the criminal to be forgiven. It helps the criminal to realise his wrongdoings. Therefore, in my opinion punishments are necessary but capital punishment is not a right form of punishment as it does not allow the criminal to understand his wrongdoings and reform. Ultimately Christians believe that the giving and receiving of life is in God's hands and not for humans to tamper with. "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." David Abeyu 10 Green ...read more.

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