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Explain why Christians have a different approach to church worship.

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Coursework Question AO2 AO2: Explain why Christians have a different approach to church worship. In worship today many forms prevail, ranging from free (non-liturgical or charismatic) to liturgical, with their content varying from the traditional to contemporary. Issues of contention can still be identified in their polarity; Luther discarded only what scriptures prohibited whereas Calvin and the radicals sought to do only what the scriptures expressly enjoined or exhibited". ...read more.


These viewpoints still hinder the Church today from entering into the fullness of worship as established in Jesus Christ through the atoning work on the cross and the Holy Spirit as our guide into the Father. This study of the content and method of the oral communicative elements of worship in the New Testament Church should bring greater freedom and insight as to how the individual as well as the Church may approach the "throne of grace" and be enabled to worship in "Spirit and Truth". ...read more.


The Early Christians were forced to meet in homes and Christian churches rather than the Jewish temple, and the worship included reading from the Scriptures, followed by a word of explanation or exhortation. In the book of Acts we also find elements of prayer outlined in Philippians and Colossians including guidance and counsel, thanks giving and praise, supplication and intercession. Oliver Rojas 11W 30th September 2002 Religion Coursework ...read more.

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