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Explain why Christmas is an important festival for Christians, and Identify and explain ways in which a Christian might commemorate and celebrate.

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Religious Education Coursework i) Explain why Christmas is an important festival for Christians ii) Identify and explain ways in which a Christian might commemorate and celebrate. Christmas is an extremely important event for all Christians. It is the incarnation of God. It is celebrated on the 25th December every year. On the 1st December advent begins, this is the time leading up to Christmas day, Jesus' birthday. It is very important because this is when God came to Earth in human form as Jesus. Jesus is God's son. Christians believe he is the saviour; he came down to Earth to forgive his people of their sins. Jesus also died on a cross to save his people this is called Easter. Christians celebrate Christmas in many different ways. Jesus came to Earth to show everyone the way to live he taught people about God. Early Christians were Jewish. Followers of Jesus were nicknamed Christians and the name stayed. It can be proved that Jesus is the Son of God as he rose from the dead. ...read more.


The original Advent calendar would have a Nativity seen on them and when you opened a door you would seen a religious picture for example Jesus in the manger or an Angel. Although people still use them many companies and shops exploit this idea and now most Advent calendars have pictures of Pop groups or cartoon characters on them and when you open a door you will receive a chocolate, although this is fun it does not show people the reason they are counting down the days until and what is so special about Christmas. Everything at Christmas symbolises something for example, evergreen represents ever-lasting life. Evergreen is things like Christmas trees, mistletoe and ivy. Christmas lights represent Jesus being the Light of the World. During Christmas time there are many Church services to help Christians celebrate and remember the real meaning of Christmas time. Midnight mass is a very popular service; it takes place on Christmas Eve and goes on into the early hours of the morning. There are many other church service that take place at Christmas time among them are family services and carol services, also nativity plays play an important part of showing people what actually happened on the very first Christmas. ...read more.


Angels told them that they should not return as if they were to tell the King where Jesus was he would kill him, so they did not return. Christingle can be celebrated in December through to the middle of January, although it can also be celebrated at other times of the year. Christingle is celebrated by making a Christingle. It is an orange with a red ribbon around the middle with things like sweets or raisons on cocktail sticks also around the middle, on the top there is a candle. The orange represents the World and the ribbon is Jesus' blood also the sweets are things are things that people have given. The candle is there because it reminds people that Jesus is the light of the World. There are many different ways that Christians celebrate Christmas all other the World. Carols are sung at Christmas they contain the story of Jesus' birth, as well as being a way to remember the important event you are celebrating at Christmas they are also very fun. Christmas is considered as a fun, caring time of year where families get together and remember the very special reason why they are together, Jesus' birth. By Gemma Simmons 1 ...read more.

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