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Explain why Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and his suffering, death and resurrection as presented in Mark's gospel are important for Christians?

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Explain why Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and his suffering, death and resurrection as presented in Mark's gospel are important for Christians? The self-sacrifice of Jesus and his suffering, death and resurrection are a major theme in Mark's gospel. Mark's gospel is a foundation document, for all the other gospels, because it was the earliest gospel written, meaning that the events such as these are very likely to have happened the way Mark records them. Jesus' example of self-sacrifice, as presented in Mark's gospel, is shown through two ways, human and divine power. Through his human power, we are shown a perfect example of a truly human person; totally trusting God and doing God's will and therefore filled with God's spirit. In Mark's gospel, in the story 'Jesus is crucified' (Mk 15:29-32) the teachers of the law and the chief priests challenged Jesus, saying to him 'come down from that cross'. This shows self-sacrifice, and human power, on Jesus' part because he is filled with God's spirit and does God's will. Also, when Jesus was on the cross, he was weighed down with the burden of sin and so he became totally human because only human's sin. ...read more.


They suffer for what someone else did. But Jesus had the choice to suffer or not. For Christians, they believe that, the baptism joins the baptised spiritually to Christ.Baptism is the beginning of a Christian's mission and those who receive it acquire responsibilities to live as a Christian by avoiding sin and living in love and justice. Another story, in Mark's gospel, that show suffering is in the garden of Gethsemene (Mk 14:32-42). Jesus told his disciples that his heart was breaking with grief. He asked for the 'cup' to be taken away from him . The cup stands for suffering and death. This story reveals that the events about to take place are not easy for him to contemplate. Yet, he knows, he must do his fathers will. Jesus is now fully prepared to suffer and die. This story conveys a feeling of absolute horror and suffering . This passage shows us, what is expected of Christian disciples: they are expected to follow God's will, even if this means death. The key verse to how Christians see Jesus' suffering and death is Mk 8:31. We, as Christians, believe that Jesus' death was inevitable. ...read more.


They believe in life after death. From Mark's gospel, we know that his readers lived in the time of the resurrection. They suffered persecution in the name of Jesus. They longed for the Second Coming of Jesus, when suffering, would be no more. Mark writes encouragement for them to prepare them for the moment when "they will see the son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory."(13:26). This is why Mark's account of the resurrection has different endings. There is no historical evidence for the resurrection other than the fact that the disciples believed it happened. Nobody witnessed the resurrection itself, yet the Christian faith stands or falls with the resurrection. As Paul says in his first letter to the church at Corinth: "If there be no resurrection, then Christ was not raised; and if Christ was not raised, then our gospel is void and null, and so is your faith." (1 Corinthians 15:73) Jesus' example of self-sacrifice and his suffering, death and resurrection, as presented in Mark's gospel, are important for Christians. The way we see Jesus through these times, is why we believe, we can see the eternal God through Jesus as we see him in no other place. ...read more.

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