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Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them?

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CHRISTIANITY COURSEWORK PART 2 (Maaz Awais Turk) Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect which this might have on them? Many Christians make pilgrimages. Pilgrimages are religious visits to holy places. There are several different types of places of pilgrimage.People go on a Pilgrimage for processions, to say thank you and to ask for forgiveness. When they go over there they sing Hymns, in remembrance of the Jesus Christ. They are convinced by the priests that you have come to the right place, don't turn your back on it, the lady calls you, she will answer you, she is smiling and asking the people to come there to pray to God, thank him and to ask for forgiveness. ...read more.


There are many reasons for making such a journey: Pilgrims may hope to obtain spiritual succour or material benefits from the pilgrimage, a cure from disease or some other problem. Pilgrims go together as families, individuals and as groups, a personal reasons and to ask for forgiveness of the sins they have committed and to ask for more. There are three Sinickers, each on top of the other. There is a chapel of confessions, a prayer hall. There is some Holy water over there which almost all of the people who go there drink it and take some back to their homes to give to the ill people and old people as a sign of purity. It is said that it helps cure people who are ill or unable to do anything. ...read more.


They get a healing experience, they get more closer to God. They get knowledge on what happened in the past with Jesus Christ and the examples He set for us to learn. They see sites of pilgrimage and get a religious connection. Pilgrimage helps you understand the religion. It deepens their faith. It can be a time for reflection and spiritual healing, it strengthens your faith. Time seems to stand still. Man moves towards God. He looks for Jesus through the events of his whole life. Therefore he must leave, as pilgrims do, following the ways bring to faith. Pilgrimage reminds man of his condition on Earth as a creature walking toward Heaven. The way to get there is more important than the destination itself, the journey is a time for meditation and dialogue with God. ...read more.

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