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Explain why some people go on pilgrimage and the effect this might have on them.

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Coursework Part B: Explain Why Some People Go On Pilgrimage And The Effect This Might Have On Them. Most pilgrims go on pilgrimage to experience show their faith in God, to pray and get close to him. Visitors to the Holy Land want to visit the places described in the Bible which they believe are sacred, where Jesus lived and carried out his ministry. Visiting these places helps them to stay close to God, partly because they are devoting some of their time to God. Many Christians go on pilgrimage because they feel a sense of joy and presence. Although Christians can pray to God in any place and at any time, some feel that being in a place of pilgrimage can help them in their prayer. ...read more.


There they enjoy themselves but also meet with other Christians and worship God. Pilgrimages can have a dramatic effect on people's lives. Christians going on pilgrimage come back refreshed, feeling close to God and ready to preach his word to others. Pilgrimage can resolve any doubts they have about God and Christianity. Many people claim that the result of them going on a pilgrimage led them to 'be saved'; this is quite a major effect on people form pilgrimage as it converts them to Christianity. The effects of pilgrimage can also be very spiritual and unexplainable. For example there have been many cases where people have claimed to have seen vision like the transfiguration. ...read more.


Not all pilgrims visiting Christian places of pilgrimage are Christians. Pilgrims who have just gone on pilgrimage to be healed of a physical disability may be converted to the Christian faith, whether or not they are healed. For example, some pilgrims visiting a site renowned for miracles of physical healing return regularly after their initial visit, because they enjoy the experience and also, perhaps more importantly, because it helps them to come to terms with their illness. Therefore, if the person is healed their life will change dramatically, and may be extended by a number of years. Problems other than long-term illnesses, such as depression possibly, can also be cured by pilgrimage, this is because the pilgrim sees others experiencing joy and presence other have in God and wanting to follow their example. ...read more.

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