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Explain why there is a need for World Development

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Ai) Explain why there is a need for World Development In this section of my coursework I will research and evaluate the need for world development. By doing this I will look at inequality in the world, and who, if anyone, is to blame. I need to look at why different countries are at different stages of development and why. Countries are now splint into two groups, MEDCs and LEDCs, however in the 1950s countries were either 1st world, 2nd world or 3rd world countries, which meant developed, developing and less developed. This was changed when people began to realise that some countries were developed in some aspects but not in others, and that no country was or ever would be fully developed. 1st world countries such as North America and England are 2 of the most developed countries and are plagued with poverty, homelessness and racism. ...read more.


These are two major examples where lack of education is a big problem in third world countries: in Bosnia the three main universities have all been destroyed, this costs peoples jobs and these jobs may have been nurses, doctors, teachers and other key careers; in Pakistan there is a literacy rate of less than 20% this means instead of children going to school they are forced into child labour from a young age and never receive any proper education. Another common problem for third world countries is debt. Most LEDCs are in huge debt, the most common reason for this is after 1970 Western banks loaned money to countries for major development projects but many of these fails leaving the countries unable to pay back loans. These debts keep growing even now as less developed countries use soft currencies which means the value is ever changing, when the value is low they have to pay more of their currency to match western hard currencies, this often leaves countries falling behind on payments and further worsening debt. ...read more.


Wars cause great damage to any country, but LECDs are constantly living in the damage from external and civil war. These wars destroy crops, homes, hospitals and schools. Somalia was damaged greatly from 10 years of civil war, there is now few schools and hospitals, overall Somalian poverty has been greatly increased. 40 out of 50 of the fastest growing LEDCs are located in known earthquake danger zones, and 10 million of the people in LEDCs are in constant threat of floods. These natural disasters ruin crops and housing, sometimes even whole villages! Financially natural disasters are a greater threat to LEDCs than MEDCs as they leave damage costing around 20 times more than MEDCs, this is due to technology and prevention methods. People living in poverty have nothing to fall back on when badly struck by droughts, floods earthquakes and other natural disasters, ...read more.

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