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Explanation of criminal thinking paterns.

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Explanation of Criminal Thinking paterns * Morality and crime:- Point 1: Kohlberg; stages of Moral Reasoning Kohlberg believed that people progressed in their moral reasoning thorugh three stages: The first stage: the pronounced harshness of a transgression is at first related to the amount of visible damge, meaning that people behave according to socially acceptable norms and then later the view that right behaviour means acting in one's own best interests. ...read more.


According to Kohlberg everyone goes through these stages sequentially without skipping any stage. However, movement through these stages are not natural, that is people do not automatically move from one stage to the next as they mature. But according to stage theory, people cannot understand moral reasoning more than one stage ahead of their own. In various control group experiments Arbuthnot et al concluded that there are obvious distinctions in moral attitudes toward the acceptability of various offences. ...read more.


Clarke and Cornish developed this theory by indentifying the following assumptions: 1) offenders seek to benefit themselves by criminal behaviours. 2) In doing so decisions and choices are made, which are often simple. 3) Availibilty of relevant information, time available and the offenders cognitive abilities highly influence the decision making process. 4) Both the decision making process and the factor's taken into account by offenders vary greatly at different stages of the decision making process and between different crimes. ...read more.

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