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Explore the ways that Anne Bront presents her religious faith in her poetry.

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Explore the ways that Anne Bront� presents her religious faith in her poetry. Anne Bront� constantly uses religious themes and connotations in her poems in order to emphasise her love for her religion and God. This is clear to us as analysts as she frequently uses religious language as well as consistently making links between her sorrow and faith in religion. Despondency is a poem that deals with Anne's anger at herself. Through such lines as "hear a wretch's prayer" where Anne is referring to herself as a "wretch", it becomes clear to us that she has a general feeling of displeasure within herself. By analysing the word "wretch" we can make a link to a religious theme as it is the same word used in a very popular hymn, amazing grace. By using this word Anne is emphasising her faith in her religion by displaying her knowledge of prayer, as if she feels she needs to prove herself. ...read more.


The language of this line, and the rest of the poem, has a typical biblical style which can be seen from such words as "thou" and "hasten". By doing this Anne is able to make this poem seem more like a prayer such as the title suggests. Anne currently was still working at Thorp Green and through her poetry it is clear to us that she was very unhappy there. She was still in her 'religious worry' period and felt she was failing herself, her family and most importantly to her, was failing God. Despite her feeling of hopelessness, "A Prayer" also displays how Anne is willing to take acceptance of her sins and change for the better. An example of how she does this is when she says "I cannot say my faith is strong, I dare not hope my love is great", as it shows us that she has admitted her failure as a religious woman. ...read more.


The last line of the poem "Despondency" says "And hear a wretches prayer" which could suggest that Anne attempted to link these two poems together. Both of these poems were written in the time that Anne was working in Thorp Green and by comparing their similarities it can be suggested that her faith and love for God had not undergone any changes and that she never stopped believing. To conclude we can suggest that Anne freely expresses her religious beliefs through her poetry. She uses her poetry to display her strength of faith in God and how she is willing to devote herself to him. She also uses her poetry to show how her feelings for God do not change regardless of her circumstances, and she does this by making clear links between ideas and language in different poems. Lastly by combining two of her passions, these being religion and writing, Anne was able to clearly portray her faith in God. ?? ?? ?? ?? Keshav Kapoor Bront�s Revision 14.04.2007 ...read more.

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